A document supposedly detailing the Xbox 720, specs, launch window, price and other tasty information has been leaked onto the internet (which has since been removed)

The 56 page document claims the new Xbox will be called the Xbox 720, and will release with “Kinect V2” claiming that this is necessary due to the likely prospect of Xbox 360 sales declining in the next year.

The document goes on to claim that  the new Xbox will have around six times the performance of Xbox 360, and have a “native XTV/video STB,” “V1/V2 Kinect sensor processing,” “connectivity for glasses/sensors/peripherals,” “dedicated resources for next-gen gaming,” “dedicated resources for Xbox 360 gaming,” and “true 1080p and full 3D.”

Here is the list of full specs from the leaked document

Core Architecture

  • Application
    • CPU Cores – 6-8x ARM/X86 @ 2GHz
    • GPU – 64ALU @ 1GHz
  • Back-Compat
    • CPU Cores – 3x PPC @ 3.2GHz
  • EDRAM – >32MB
  • Memory – 4GB, 128bit DDR4QoS for App Pool
  • Mass FLASH Storage – MLC
  • System
    • CPU Core – 2x ARM/X86 @ 2GHz
    • GPU – 48ALU @ 500MHz
  • Security System
  • Video/Audio Accel – 2HD Dec, 1HD Enc, DSP, XMA
  • Video Output – Flexible Resize / Compositing / 3D
  • NUI Offloal – Skeletal Tracking Accel.
  • Base IO – USB3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, GigE,PCI-E, SATA, 802.11n
  • Device Specific IO – HSDPA, WiMAX, W-HDMI, ATSC,DisplayPort, LVDS

Kinect V2 is expected to contain “improved voice recognition,” “better 3D play space recognition,” “four player concurrent tracking,” “dedicated HW processing,” and “better HD RGB camera.” That’s all in addition to “higher accuracy” and “stereo imaging vs mono.” It is also reportedly able to track 4 people at the same time.

Other interesting bits of information include “Fortaleza” which are a pair of glasses set to launch in 2014 which will allow players to “interact with the world in a revolutionary way.”

There was also a mention of the recently announced smart glass meaning the 56 pages are entirely out of the realm of possibility.

According to the report, Microsoft are aiming to ship the Xbox 720 in 2013 with a retail price of $225 which is a lot less that the “Wii2” ($249) and the PS4 (<$399)

As is normally the case with these leaked documents, it’s worth taking with a pinch of salt. But given that it’s 56 pages long (is there a joker out there willing to waste hours on a 56 page document?) and the reference to real items like smart glass and the inevitable Kinect 2, does lend this rumour an ounce of credibility. Only just mind.

Gameinformer have the document for download if you want to have a look.

Thanks NeoGaf