There’s a neat looking trailer for Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s new film, Mississippi Grind, out today and it’s a great look at the high-stakes, low-esteem character lead drama from the Half Nelson and It’s Kind of a Funny Story writer/directors.

Ben Mendelsohn is of those actors whose presence in a film signals instant interest. His celebrity is due to soar given his involvement in Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One Star Wars story, but here he is as down to Earth as can be.

Down on his luck, almost consumed by his gambling habit, it’s about to be down curtains on his future, until a charming young player, in the form of Ryan Reynolds, convinces him to travel to a big money game ‘down South’ as the Americans have it.

The film is out in UK cinemas on the 23rd of October, and we loved it. Here’s your trailer.

Mississippi Grind - UK Quad poster