It’s been quite a couple of years for British actor Ed Skrein – having departed Game of Thrones (he initially played Daario Naharis), he has since gone on to land a huge role in Deadpool, and take on from where Jason Statham left off, and lead the reboot of the Transporter franchise – and it was for the release of the latter that we had the pleasure of interviewing the actor about.

Skrein discusses bringing new life to the character, and what fans of the original can expect of this new endeavour. The actor was happy to discuss Deadpool too – where he plays Ajax, explaining what we can expect to see from his character, and how much we explore him in the forthcoming production. He also tells us about how intrigued he is to see it marketed, and on his career post Game of Thrones, and why he decided to leave the hit TV series.


The Transporter Refuelled is released on September 4th.