There are many shows in the US that enjoyed success as part of the 2016/17 slate but none have been as big a hit as Bull, the new show from CBS that was ranked as the highest-rated new show across the pond and has already been greenlit for a second season, due for later this year. We sat down with star Michael Weatherly to chat about the show and working with some amazing creative talents – including one very famous storyteller…

“We could have been cancelled!” says Weatherly, “CBS has a really great track record of knowing how to put things in front of an audience and one they will enjoy but by the same token there were a lot of shows last year that didn’t survive.”

Michael Weatherly and Freddie Rodriguez - Bull

The show is based on the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw (aka Dr. Phil) who used his skills to help find the right jurors for his clients in his younger days Weatherly says he was involved with the pilot and was quite helpful in getting into the right mindset, saying:

“Dr. Phil has experiences that are fascinating… I don’t use a lot of Phil’s personality but his insights and his ability to make you a little uncomfortable because of the way he looks at you. I try to employ those tools.”

Despite wanting to take some time off after his 13-year stint on NCIS came to an end, Weatherly admits the talent involved in Bull – namely writers Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco, House) and Rodrigo Garcia (In Treatment), as well as one Steven Spielberg – was too good to turn down:

“I was planning to take some time off after NCIS, I was planning to travel with my wife and family but the phone-call came that there was this show and it has this great creative team behind it… And then you have Steven Spielberg who is one of the great storytellers of our time so for him to put his name on our show meant we had better live up to that!”

Bull has already been greenlit for renewal for season two to start filming soon ahead of its Fall debut and while he’s excited to return, Weatherly hopes the show goes deeper into the character and his team and finds out more about what makes them tick outside of work, concluding:

“I think season two is going to about going deeper in our understanding of Bull and his team – season one spent a great deal of time understanding the world of trial science – understanding how human beings can be manipulated a little. This is what Bull is what at its heart what it’s about.”

Bull: Season 1 finishes this Friday at 9pm on FOX – catch up on the first season from Tuesday 18th July, 9pm on 5USA.