class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-51967″ title=”Megamind” src=”” alt=”” width=”216″ height=”151″ />Yet another computer-animated kids film has brought in the big bucks at the US box office this past weekend.

The Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt starring Megamind has brought in an estimated $47.7 million. Although not quite up there with Toy Story 3’s incredible $110 million opening, this is still an impressive feat considering it’s both a month before the usual heavy-hitters emerge and also the fact that, although it’s bears a resemblance to Despicable Me (this was actually in production first), it’s an original story which haven’t been derived from any other media.

Due Date has also done great business at number two with $33.5 million, which has beat Borat by becoming the highest-grossing opening ever for an R-rated comedy in November.

In third position is another success for one-man hit factory Tyler Perry. His ninth cinema feature Colored Girls made an estimated $20.1 million – just under $1 million shy of the film’s overall budget!

Figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo.