Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov has long been involved with the film Apollo 18, which uses the premise that the canceled space mission did, in fact, go ahead and alien life was discovered on the moon, today we find out more about the film’s journey to the big screen.

The alternate history tale will be delivered to the screen as ‘found footage’ – i.e. it’ll be footage shot by the astronauts themselves. Brian Miller wrote the script and Bekmambetov, who is about to direct Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, will be producing the film.

Already well into production, the footage shot so far convinced the Weinsteins to pick up the film and throw a release date of the 4th of March 2011, which puts it ahead of the JJ Abrams 70s set Super 8 and alongside the Oren Peli directed Area 51.

According to Deadline Trevor Caewood is directing, no doubt using his experience in the visual effects teams for the Matrix films to deliver us something interesting. Yes, it’s another found footage film, but it’s a curious premise, and one we’re sure to hear more about in the coming days.