Despite having writing commitments to just about every major studio in Hollywood (including a Chronicle sequel for 20th Century Fox and a top secret gig at Disney), Max Landis has now signed to make his directorial début with Big Beach Films.

Titled Me Him Her, the film is set to explore themes of sexual identity between its three young leads. Touted as “‘Reality Bites on acid”, the film will allegedly explore sex, love and friendship in “the weirdest, most surreal way possible”.

While the specifics of the script are currently under wraps, Landis did drop a single interesting piece of information: “It’s totally insane! The devil is in it.” As you do.

Me Him Her will likely go into production next spring or summer, providing Landis can make good on his existing projects. Perhaps most interesting of which are the Frankenstein remake and television pilot Vigilant he has currently being developed at Fox.

In our opinion, Chronicle was one of the big highlights of the first quarter, and we will be looking forward to anything the young writer (or, indeed, director) has to offer in the years ahead.

Variety had this one first.