Press conferences can often be quite a formal affair but the conference yesterday for Dallas Buyers Club was anything but. Oscar nominated actors Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto were both in attendance and were both on great form when answering questions about their characters in the movie.

Based in 1985, the movie is based on the life of electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof who takes on the America Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to give drugs to people to help them deal with the effects of the AIDS virus after getting the disease himself. It’s an amazing movie which you must go and watch…. that said, it was revealed in the press conference that Leto has yet to see the movie after being a ‘self confessed control freak’ and not having editorial control over the final cut. We also find out about how Leto auditioned for the party of the movie by ‘hitting on’ director Jean-Marc Vallée

This was followed up by Leto bringing up McConaughey’s performance in The Wolf of Wall Street which he had seen recently. He was yet to tell McConaughey how brilliant he was so took the chance in the press conference. The video of which is below and is extremely amusing! Both clips are below and are well worth a watch along with the full press conference which follows.

Dallas Buyers Club hits UK cinemas 7th Febraury. We’ve got interviews with both Matthew McConaughey & Jared Leto which will be on the site early next week.

Jared Leto admits he hasn’t watched Dallas Buyers Club

Jared Letro talks about getting the part as Rayon by ‘hitting’ on the Director!

Jared Leto Praises Matthew McConaughey for his role in Wolf of Wall Street (Contains swearing)

Full Press Conference (Contains swearing)