Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of The Invention of Hugo Cabret has been almost* univerally adored by critics across the world and while a lot of attention is being paid to the director’s first use of 3D there’s a more practical magic on display in the film.

This short video gives an excellent peek behind the movie curtains to see how a nameless, yet integral, character came to be.

I won’t spoil the film for you if you’ve yet to see it, but a crucial part of the film revolves around the restoration of an automaton, an early robot if you like, which leads the young Hugo towards the answer he seeks (like I said, no spoilers here). The automaton itself is an incredibly intricate piece of machinery and Scorsese makes great use of this visual delight in the film.

The automaton was created for the film by Dick George Creatives, a company based in Surrey who have been working in the Film and Television industries for over thirty years and they have produced this short Making Of video for the Automaton and there’s a care and a love for their work which is evident here and also in the final piece.

Here’s the video, find out more on their website.

The Automaton – Behind the Scenes from Sociates on Vimeo.


*I say almost…


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  • Bebo

    Thank you.
     I have had my faith in art renewed by this brilliant work.

  • Excellent! It’s a part of the film which may go overlooked and as soon as we found the video we knew it had to be shared.

  • C Faunce

    Simply breathtaking.

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