When Warner Bros. announced their DC Films slate two years ago, they mentioned that solo movies for Batman and Superman were also on the way. Neither was given a release date however, and while we now know that the Caped Crusader’s solo outing will be directed by Ben Affleck, there have only been rumblings about what’s next for the Man of Steel.

Well, according to report from The Wrap, a Man of Steel sequel is now in active development. That’s something sure to make fans of the character happy as he’s due another adventure.

Henry Cavill obviously appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice after his first solo outing, and he will next be seen in Justice League. While much of the Zack Snyder helmed release divided fans and critics alike, it earned an impressive $668 million at the worldwide box office, and that may explain why the hero is now said to be a “top priority” for the studio.

Warner Bros. has two mystery DC Films which are set to be released on October 5th, 2018 and November 1st, 2019, and while it’s likely that Batman’s movie will come first, it will be interesting to see if Man of Steel 2 follows and if Zack Snyder will be back at the helm.