Hindi film cinema has been yearning for that cross over hit for quite a while and rap-fused bhangra tracks have been a part of the promotional arsenal of every recent Akshay Kumar release starting from Singh Is King (where he rapped alongside Snoop Dogg wearing a horrible fake beard).

Although producing and not starring, this time, Speedy Singh (also known as Breakaway in outside of UK and India) seems to be a mish mash of underdog sports films like Mighty Ducks (the director helmed the 3rd part of the franchise) and cultural identity conundrums of Bend It Like Beckham set in the world of Canadian Ice Hockey.

This time Akshay Kumar ropes in Ludacris and Drake for some cameos on the soundtrack and appearances in the movie.

Here is the video clip of Shera Di Kaum which features a lot of slow motion strutting and rap posturing in front of the camera:


You can find more goodies about Speedy Singh like Luda talking about his collaboration and a link to download the track on Upodcasting.com.


Here is the Press Release:




Hollywood Director Robert Lieberman presents one of the most heartfelt Cross-Cultural Dramas of recent times, releasing on 30th September 2011

Some of the most lauded and iconic stars from American, Canadian and Indian cinema and entertainment join forces in 2011’s most poignant drama, ‘Speedy Singh’, releasing in cinemas worldwide and in the UK on Friday 30th September 2011. Produced by First Take Entertainment and Hari Om Entertainment, ‘Speedy Singh’ is a gripping, cross-cultural hockey drama set in the Indo-Canadian community of suburban Toronto, Canada.


Directed by Hollywood filmmaker Robert Lieberman (‘D3: The Mighty Ducks’, ‘Table for Five’), ‘Speedy Singh’ features Hollywood heartthrob, Rob Lowe; global comedy sensation Russell Peters and the demure Camilla Belle (‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’, ‘10,000 BC’) alongside Indian stars including sensational screen debutant Vinay Virmani who delivers a world class performance, and veteran of Indian cinema Anupam Kher (‘Bend it like Beckham’). The co-producer of the film is India’s biggest star, Akshay Kumar, who is the first Bollywood star to become a producer of a major Hollywood film. Akshay continues to make his mark in Hollywood and makes a guest appearance as himself in the film. A galaxy of other exciting cameos are provided by the likes of recording artist and actor Aubrey “Drake” Graham and Grammy Award winning rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Ludacris added his vocals to the cross-urban music track of the year, “Shera Di Kaum”, the promotional song for ‘Speedy Singh’, where he also features in the video. The track is already championing the airwaves and global playlists ahead of the film’s release.


Riveting, entertaining but also entrenched in a strong social context, ‘Speedy Singh’ explores the issues of race relations, migration and cross-cultural tensions while superbly balancing both tenderness and humour. It tells the story of a young man caught between two cultures and two sets of ideals. The film speaks of the sports genre underdog, but in this case, the underdog reflects issues of assimilation that immigrants deal with daily as they strive for acceptance in their new home country.

‘Speedy Singh’ also has a generational story to tell, as a young man tries to find his way in a new, western world, daring to disobey his father’s sacred traditions. It gives the audience an insight into the little known Sikh culture, a beautifully humble group of South Asians that embrace a strong sense of community. These real issues ground ‘Speedy Singh’ in a story that has deep resonance – even in its hilarity, it has poignancy.


Comments Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, “Breakaway is a touching story about a young Indian Ice Hockey player who wants to get into the big league. I am introducing Vinay Virmani, who is a very good Ice Hockey player in real life as well. The film is about an Indian family wanting to break the stranglehold that mainstream communities have abroad in sports.” 



‘Rajveer Singh’ (Vinay Virmani) is 21 years old and aspires to play professional hockey, struggling to succeed in a predominantly white man’s sport. Facing prejudice from his peers, he decides to assemble an all-Sikh hockey team called ‘Speedy Singh’ and these talented young men begin a challenging journey of social acceptance and ethnic assimilation, while still retaining their proud roots. However, further conflict arises for Rajveer at home, as his orthodox Sikh father (Anupam Kher) wants him to dedicate his life to the family business and the Sikh faith. Caught at the crossroads between family duty and following his dreams, Rajveer prepares for the biggest challenge and game of his life.
‘Speedy Singh’ unites drama, action, sport and comedy on the big screen, injecting a hearty measure of Bollywood magic into Canada’s favourite sport – hockey. Releasing in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 30th September 2011.