HeyUGuys brings you the latest in World Cinema film trailers in association with Film Dates UK.

Each week we’ll be showcasing some of most anticipated foreign releases as well as highlighting a few hidden gems which may have fallen off your radar. It’s no surprise that Hollywood has turned to World Cinema for inspiration in recent years with the number of remakes getting more and more popular.

Whilst it remains to be seen how many of these remakes go on to succeed or stay true to their original story counterparts, we decided it was high-time we turned the spotlight onto the next wave of foreign films to grace our screens.

This week we have four movie trailers for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Kawa no soko kara konnichi wa (Sawako Decides)

UK Cinema Release Date: Thursday 10th February 2011

Synopsis: From the opening colonic irrigation scene, it’s clear that Sawako Decides will be one of the more unusual Japanese films of the year. In fact, in a year in which the creativity in Japanese mainstream cinema all but curled up and died, it’s a real stand-out: a joyous, nuanced, comic drama about female empowerment. (Japanese)

Nothing To Declare (Rien à déclarer)

UK Cinema Release Date: Friday 11th February 2011

Synopsis: A Belge-Francophobe customs officer is forced to team up with a Frenchman during the elimination of the Franco-Belge borders in the 90s. (French)

Patiala House

UK Cinema Release Date: Friday 11th February 2011

Synopsis: A second-generation Sikh in London gives up his dream to save his father’s reputation until he meets a girl who gives him the strength to stand up for what he believes. This cross-generation drama is about second chances. (Hindi)

Son of Babylon

UK Cinema Release Date: Friday 11th February 2011

Synopsis: A willful young boy follows his just as obstinate grandmother in a journey across Iraq, determined to discover the fate of her missing son, Ahmed’s father, who never returned from war. (Arabic)

Check back next week for more trailers!

Kawa no soko kara konnichi wa Sawako Decides