Lost Season 6 PosterIt’s been a long time coming with polar bears, VW Campers, a company called Darma and a lot of characters but the hit TV show, LOST has been given it’s finale date by hosts, ABC as Tuesday, 2nd February 2010. They also said that they’d end the show with a special “all-night event” which will start at 20:00 ET with a one hour recap special followed by a two-hour premiere leading us up to what we hope might be some answers and the end of one of the best TV shows on the naughties.

Obviously all this info has been released for the US audience. As soon as we find out what’s happening in the UK, we’ll let you know. Matthew Fox was on Jonathan Ross a while back but was giving nothing away. According Fox, Abrams knew at the beginning of the series how it would end, but how he got there was made us as they went along. You can check out the interview here.

One other thing to note is that all of the cast are on the banner above (click to enlarge), does that mean some may return?! Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Check out the ABC website for more info.