Seven time Golden Globe winner La La Land, has seen audiences waltz their way into cinemas for its opening weekend making it the number one film in the UK completely blowing away its opposition. Lionsgate UK are expected to see a huge £6 million from its opening weekend after being released at a record 606 sites.

With a tremendous amount of rave reviews and the fact that La La Land won all seven Golden Globes they were nominated for and a further eleven BAFTA nominations – which were revealed directly after the Golden Globes – which include Best Film, Director (Damien Chazelle), Leading Actor (Ryan Gosling) and Leading Actress (Emma Stone) general audiences were quite clearly sucked in by the buzz that so rightly so surrounds the film.

La La Land Ryan Gosling

What’s even more surprising is that this truly original film, which wears its tribute to the Golden age of Hollywood proudly on its sleeve, had a 22% larger opening than the studio’s first Hunger Games film (having taken £4.9 million) and three times as much over the second-placed film. Could this spark a change in the habits of cinema-goers across the country? Or is it simply the fact audiences are after something fresh and different after what seems to be an oversaturated market full of comic book based movies taking over the cinematic screens?

Zygi Kamasa, CEO of Lionsgate’s European office commented “ LA LA LAND has touched audiences in a way that no one could see coming. With sell-out screens countrywide, 5-star reviews across the board and unprecedented exhibitor support, our results show that this weekend everyone wanted to escape to the “city of stars” that Damien Chazelle and his filmmaking team created so superbly. We couldn’t be happier with what the film has delivered and how UK cinema-goers have responded.”

We sat down with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle so we could go gaga over La La Land. Check out our interviews below.