Having attracted significant and well-merited critical acclaim for The Hurt Locker, it was always going to be interesting to see where director Kathryn Bigelow next settled herĀ 2.35:1 gaze.

Triple Frontier had seemed to be high on her list of priorities, though her decision in the end seems to be in favour of a film being written by Mark Boal (the writer of The Hurt Locker) about the unit tracking Osama Bin Laden. That script has been in progress for some time and it is beyond fortuitous that with the shoot scheduled to kick off over the summer, Boal now has a sensational final act – the 40 minute assault on Bin Laden’s compound resulting in the killing of the most wanted terrorist on Earth.

Believe it or not, on the basis of a background in investigative journalism and with access to military intelligence, Boal had been following the very unit that wound up being tasked with the attack on Bin Laden’s base in Pakistan. Serendipity doesn’t come close.

There is still some decision-making to be done over locations, production scheduling and indeed casting, though that element is at least underway. Obviously it is not remotely surprising to find the weekend’s events making their way onto the big screen, what is fortunate for Boal and Bigelow is that they seem to have the jump on everyone else, with a tailor-made project already mostly-written and well developed.

We will bring you more as this develops.

Source: Variety.

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