A new ‘Star Trek’ movie is in the works at Paramount Pictures and for the first time ever, a woman could well be writing in the form of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ scribe and co-executive producer Kalinda Vazquez.

JJ Abrams Bad Robot will be producing if the final script gets the green light to go-ahead.

Vazquez is no stranger to the Star Trek Universe, she has previously written episodes of the  ‘Trek’ TV series which is now streaming on Paramount Plus. She has also written an episode of ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ in 2019 and in 2020, wrote the teleplay for “Terra Firma, Part 2,” an episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” which is set almost entirely in the Mirror Universe, in which the benevolent Federation is instead the bloodthirsty Terran Empire.

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Paramount still has hopes of reviving ‘Star Trek’ features, the latest is added to the still in develop movie from Quentin Tarantino who will partner with Abrams and Bad Robot if it is ever set to movie forward. Another feature from writer-director Noah Hawley was put on hold when the latest president of the company took over and vowed to start the franchise from scratch.