Making the rounds on the Justice League circuit at the moment are three new pieces of art work, released by Warner Bros., featuring new looks at Superman, The Flash and Aquaman’s Mera.

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Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash are images taken from a planned 2018 calendar of the superhero ensemble, with the new image of Superman heading off the year as Mr. January; he also features for the month of July. For Miller’s Flash, you’ll have to wait for June for a month to bask in his glory.

Amber Heard’s Queen Mera, has however made an appearance on the packaging of a yet to be released Mera Barbie Doll, looking likely to provide young girls yet another strong female superhero character they can aspire to after the inspirational success of Wonder Women earlier in the year.

Also, at the end of July, the official Justice League Twitter released an Image of a new look Batman, unfortunate for us the image was in Black and White as to not give anything away.

Superman’s lack of appearance on any posters or stills or even the trailer for Justice League has heightened fans anticipation of what is to be revealed, Although Cavill’s Superman was dead and buried at the end of Batman V Superman, talk has been exploding amongst fans regarding his inevitable yet mysterious resurrection in the forthcoming Justice League which is released in November. Some are even saying this rebirth of Superman could very well see a return to the character that everyone loves from the original comic books.

Take a look at all the images below including a glimpse of the calendar in full.

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