A lot of my love for movies comes from the initial design stages. I’ve come across some amazing people in my time working on HeyUGuys who have the amazing ability to create fantastic concept art images from literally nothing. I know that is where all art comes from but it still blows my mind every time and the Art Department in any film never fails to astonish me . Some of the greatest art that I ever saw was for Tron: Legacy and Avatar, both of which were done by Neville Page who is top of his game when it comes to at for movies. You can see the Tron: Legacy concept images here.

These new concept images for Disney’s new movie, John Carter were all done by Ryan Church, Michael Kutshe, David Krenz, Mayes C. Rubeo and come from It’s Art Magazine (with a tip of the cap to Coming Soon for the heads up) and they’re all absolutely stunning! I particularly love the costume design images which will no doubt please our friends over at Clothes on Film.

John Carter is directed by Andrew Stanton of Pixar fame and will be with us 9th March which is now not very far away.

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I’ve placed a selection of concept images Bellow but for the full set, head over to It’s Art.

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