With MGM firmly back on track and the next instalment of their most revered and financially viable property picking up pace, it’s inevitable that the rumour mill kicks into action over the Bond 23. We’ve already heard whispers of Rachel Weisz coming on board and now rumoured titles for the film are beginning to crop up.

The Sun is claiming the film is “tipped” to be called Red Sky at Night. Does Bond opt for a career change, and become a sailor mid-film? Bleeding Cool have done a little digging and unearthed this from a message board:

“I’m close friends with an art director in the film industry, I wont mention his name but he has worked closely with production designer Michael Carlin and is about to start work in Canada on Kal-El, the next Superman movie. He was busy in 2010 on Bond 23 before it went into hiatus. He told me that the movie for a while had the code name Red Shadow, but when official documentation and the script arrived it contained the title Red Sky At Night and as such was referred to as this by Sam Mendes, Michael Carlin and the producers and the studio etc.”

ajb007 also goes on to add:

“He (the art director) also said that filming would have been done in Ontario, Canada and there was a large stunt involving the Ontario Tower as well as a huge hockey game and skiing/winter sports sequences.”

Discounting Die Another Day, 007 on skis is always a welcome treat, although Inception already did a Bond-on-ice homage last year. As for the title (if indeed this is the one which they’ve settled on), it doesn’t immediately stand out as particularly memorable, but it sounds a damn sight better than the likes of annoyingly tenuous titles like Tomorrow Never Dies and the aforementioned last adventure  for Pierce Bronsnan.

What do you think?