Back in 2008 the Cannes Film Festival saw a number of highly regarded films play, with Laurent Cantet’s The Class walking away with the coveted Palme D’or. Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona caused audiences to swoon, Terence Davies’ sublime Of Time and the City had its first play alongside Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. It was the very definition of a mixed bag. However there was one film, not yet complete, which almost stole the show.

Armed with a fantastic idea and a captivating teaser trailer director Timo Vuorensola blasted through the glitz and glamour to drum up interest in his film Iron Sky – a film about Nazis on the Moon. I remember the reactions to that trailer, and just a few years later wrote up the first proper news article about it on HeyUGuys. The film was a hit, and made good on its crazy premise.

Fast forward to 2019 and there’s a new star in the Iron Sky. A sequel, subtitled The Coming Race, expands the world created by Vuorensola and his team and does what any decent sequel should do: ups the ante through the roof.

Last night the film had its premiere in London, with Vuorensola and star Lara Rossi walk the red carpet for the film’s debut. Here are the interviews.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is released in cinemas 24th April and on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital 6th May from 101 Films. 

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Premiere Interviews