Just over a year ago our attention was drawn to Gavin Rothery’s forthcoming sci-fi short The Last Man. At the foot of this article are a number of very fine looking posters as well as a trailer dripping with sense-tightening tension and a beautifully bleak atmosphere.

Today, following a successful premiere at last year’s FrightFest and a twelvemonth on the festival circuit, we are pleased to be able to bring Rothery’s film to you in its entirety.

Unveiling the short via Twitter the director noted some influences, namely the pleasure-eroding nightmare of the 80s that is Threads and the stark nature of The Last Man tells of the mushroom cloud of authority of Mick Jackson’s 1984 film.

Here then is the full film, lights off – as high a resolution as you can manage. We’re very interested to see what the team does next…

The excellent soundtrack by Charlotte Hatherley is available below.

Original article from July 2014

You’ve seen the work of Gavin Rothery before. His design was a striking feature of Duncan Jones’ debut film Moon and as you’ll see from this teaser for his short film The Last Man there’s a host of beautifully realised images on show. It’s good to see a trailer whose stock is in its atmosphere rather than its staccato-edited money shots, and The Last Man looks like a nicely haunting post-apocalyptic way to spend your day.

The soundtrack is being composed by Charlotte Hatherley, whose website mentions the work and adds the name of Philip K. Dick into the mix which can only be a good thing. You can catch the world premiere of The Last Man at FrightFest in London on the 23rd of August, and thereafter the short will be on the festival circuit.

Check out the trailer and posters below, crank it up to 1080 won’t you? And follow the man at his blog here.

The Last Man – Trailer from Gavin Rothery on Vimeo.

The Last Man poster

The Last Man alt poster