Denzel-Washington-and-Mark-Wahlberg-in-2-GunsIt seems like only yesterday we had the great pleasure of sitting down with Mark Wahlberg in a fancy hotel room to talk about his latest production (it was February, in fact). But our returning visit – this time ahead of his action comedy 2 Guns, out on August 16 – was a touch more jovial, catching Wahlberg on good day it would seem.

Despite the jet-lag – as Wahlberg arrived in the UK shortly before the interview took place, flying here directly from the set of the forthcoming Transformers picture – the Bostonian actor was his typical, fun and outspoken self – as he discusses his great chemistry with co-lead Denzel Washington, while also telling us what it’s like shooting a scene upside down next to a charging bull. He also fills us in on his upcoming projects – as a prolific actor who is in the fortunate habit of making consistently enjoyable movies at present.

Oh a quick word of warning… He swears. A lot.

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