ArgoOne of the joys of Ben Affleck’s latest film is the exceptional supporting cast he has assembled. With John Goodman and Bryan Cranston Affleck has placed two of the most beloved and acclaimed actors working today at the centre of his third film as director, Argo.

At the centre of Argo we have the elaborate plan concocted by Tony Mendez (the CIA agent Affleck plays in the film) to ‘exfiltrate’ six US embassy staffers hiding in the Canadian ambassadors residence after being caught up in the 1979 Iran Hostage Crises. By convincing the Iranian authorities that they are a film crew scouting locations the CIA attempt to bring the six home, but it’s an incredibly long shot and Goodman and Cranston are two of the team working to make the rescue happen.

Goodman plays famed Hollywood make-up artists John Chambers, an Academy award winner and essential to the plan’s credibility for making the fake movie as convincing as possible. Cranston is Mendez’s supervisor Jack O’Donnell and has to constantly walk the line between supporting Mendez’s mission and pressure from his superiors. Both put in compelling performances, and the film is gripping and very well put together.

Here are Goodman and Cranston talking to our good friend James Kleinmann,

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Argo is out tomorrow.