It seems too easy to bash this girl; everyone seems to be jumping on board. In fact, it has become a meme to find things with more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart. Her sparkly companion, Robert Pattinson, receives criticism too but less for reasons that are unknown – perhaps it’s because of how openly he bashes the franchise or because he’s in Harry Potter or people have seen other outings of his and are basing their opinions on more than one film. What is hard to understand is why this criticism of Kristen Stewart is so commonplace, so ordinary, so definite, when it is blatantly, blatantly so wrong. You may disagree right now but think of it without being biased and how awful, awful the Twilight franchise is, think about her other performances, can you see what there is actually to see, her talent?

The animosity that is directed towards her has been cemented as if it’s some sort of fact when if anything it’s popular misconception and ignorance. We all know that the Twilight incarnation is an awful thing that is an insult to anyone and everyone who has seen, or worse, read them and it’s become a bashing topic as did Kristen Stewart. There’s no point in arguing here, she’s awful in them and not because she’s expressionless – which she still isn’t but equally bad in a different way – but because of the way she uncaringly utters awful lines with annoying faces that make her face a target for fists everywhere. The little twitches and annoying monotony of the whispery voice she’s forced to put on to add some mystification as if it’s some justification or a cover-up for the atrocious lines. As if that whispering in a forest makes it deep and meaningful with massive emotional resonance. Everyone blames HER when the director could’ve stopped it and Stephanie Meyer could’ve written it better and made her less of a crap android.

Instead, let’s look at her other roles shall we and where better to start than one of her earliest real roles. Panic Room isn’t David Fincher’s best film but it’s not an awful film in the slightest and one of the highlights of the film is Kristen Stewart. You may not believe it’s her as the androgyny crept into overdrive so much that on first viewing and not knowing it’s her, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a boy. Kristen plays it so well at such a young age that it’s clear there is talent in this girl and she can tap into it. Throughout the film there’s an array of facial expressions that will prove that annoying, crappy meme that I mentioned earlier wrong in an instant. In fact, one scene alone could put that meme to bed and that should prove to everyone alone that she has talent but don’t worry, there are plenty of other examples to prove all you nay-sayers wrong.

In 2004, Kristen plays a selective mute which will probably make everyone have a field day thinking it’s fitting for the monotonous, expressionless actress but they’re wrong. Firstly, it’s selective mutism meaning she does actually speak in Speak albeit not much; with this you must express more in glances, in expressions, in idiosyncrasies and body language and as you watch carefully, you see her administrate subtlety in her performances, creating a disturbed nuance to a dark backstory that haunts her character. This alone is a performance to watch and a performance to see that shows a talented actress that needs to be challenged more often and not head into the mainstream in blockbusters because of her marketability.

Still finding it hard to believe? You need another example? If this was anyone else then it would be accepted and people would claim that the person is talented but one bad choice, one bad franchise, one bad sacrifice has caused her to be labelled talentless. She openly laments Twilight too so what more could you want? The next example in line is Sean Penn’s classic tale Into the Wild. It’s tells the story of a top student turned possession-less hippy that shows materialism doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. Another good turn from Stewart in this. Sean Penn would never ever cast a talentless person in his film because this is before her marketability so what would he gain from this? It would sully his film for no good reason. Stop the bias, stop the hatred: it’s unsubstantiated and there’s more to prove she has talent than there is to prove she doesn’t.

This is where it goes wrong, it’s understandable, 2008 brought what would be a stain on cinema and minds alike in the birth of the Twilight franchise. In the same year, though, she starred in The Yellow Handkerchief opposite Brit Eddie Redmayne which is an average film with a performance that has more than one facial expression again. Indies seem to be her friend; she then starred in Adventureland as the messed up love interest with complicated feelings for Jesse Eisenberg and lust-filled feelings for bigamist Ryan Reynolds as they spend an ‘80s summer in a bad amusement park. It’s a great film in itself that should be caught up on but Stewart is great in it with chemistry between her and Eisenberg that sparks as you feel the relationship kindle, fizzle and burn bright. You see the awkwardness of a teenager who misses her mother and acts out, making terrible decisions from feeling like an outcast, from missing her mother figure, from the fact her father moved on with someone she doesn’t accept and must resist. A great performance to a great character in a great film.

Finally we have 2010, where she knows her star power and can sit back and do indies risk-free. Welcome to the Rileys came with her being a prostitute/stripper that James Gandolfini seeks salvation with by caring for this young, distressed, directionless and strayed woman; a damaged saviour which slightly resembles Travis’s attempt from Taxi Driver – although Stewart is of age at least. It’s a bit dark at times but with Kristen’s awkward smiles and smoked up make-up, she loses the androgyny and the boyishness that she can sometimes possess and gets to cut-free and be sexy yet cute. Kristen Stewart is a talent. It’s driven along by the powerful performances of the cast, specifically Gandolfini and of course Kristen Stewart that make this even better. Kristen gets to cut loose here and play around by teasing the audience with her sexuality and dirtiness, cutting the ties to her blockbuster clean-girl imagery. The Runaways are a famous and notorious band who are utter filth with their overt sexuality. As Joan Jett, she received praise apparently playing her so well and being chameleonic that Joan Jett probably thought it was a documentary and it was actually her. Possibly an exaggeration but you get the point.

This is an actress with such talent but wasted talent as not only was it unused in the Twilight franchise but it now haunts her career with no one appreciating her at all. How can someone with such acting talent go painfully unappreciated as people blindly and stubbornly stick to their guns when there’s nothing to stick to? It’s almost criminal how people can be so ignorant to her talent. It’s infuriating that everyone loves to jump on a bashing bandwagon to bash and brush off a talent that, with the right material, could be one of the best and the most naturalistic actresses of this generation. People are oblivious to the obvious skills that she has at her disposal. They neglect her and have now rejected her and that’s something that needs to be changed and hopefully this’ll help people take a step in the right direction and teach them that you can’t ignore and scorn someone for controversial and flimsy excuses for reasons. Open your mind and don’t let the masses pressure you into wrongful opinions.

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Ashley Norris

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  • Reem.

    Agreed on all counts!

  • Maybe it is because she is so damn miserable, obviously detests meeting fans, and seems to hold her audience with disdain! Don’t go in to a profession like this unless you like the limelight oh and don’t have VERY public affairs and not expect to be slated. I still think the complete relationship/affair/break up was genius PR. How very convenient all of it! pfffffft

  • lmao

    Oh look. Yet another article defending Kristen. This makes number 3,585,241.

  • Emma

    Kristen loves the spotlight and she also loves pretending that she does not. No one who hates the spotlight has 30 magazine covers a year and agrees to star in another franchise before finishing with the one that brought the fame. There’s nothing wrong with being famous and a super star but let’s all stop pretending Kristen doesn’t crave being famous and well known.

  • annonymous

    why are these people here(comment writers) when they hate KS so much?
    visit the imbd/blogs of actors you like INSTEAD of wasting your time hating on K!!!
    get a life…
    this article is correct. KS has talent. only biased, jealous people refuse to see it.

  • Yep

    @imao,@Lynn Fancy,@Emma…..pretty much have it covered.

  • D.

    “obviously detests meeting fans”, that’s not what reports and FANS of hers at TIFF has said.

  • I love her.

  • Right, OK, did you even read the article? I’m not defending her personality, her supposed PR tactics or anything like that; I’m defending the fact that she can actually act and that people discredit her so ardently without reason.

  • D.

    I love all of Kristen’s work. Even when she has small parts in a film. I always find whichever film she has been a part of so interesting. And to me that always has said so clearly how she really does consider the most moving or interesting scripts. She opened me up to watching Indies.
    Thank you for mentioning her performances in Panic Room, The Yellow Handkerchief, Speak, Into The Wild, Welcome To The Rileys and Adventureland. I enjoyed all those movies, including The Cake Eaters which is something you definitely need to see!
    People do find entertainment in bashing her. As a fan it is weird to say that I’ve come to accept that the world just loves to stone her. I don’t agree with it at all though. I just can’t do anything about it.
    And it’s a shame, I love when someone tries to defend her acting, but people are just so bias and unwilling to hear someone speaking sense. Three comments I can see already are unwilling to read this and be persuaded to use a bit of sense.

  • alex

    KStew is just another fake in a long line of fake hollywood actresses.

  • alex

    lol seriously. idg all this ‘omg she gets so much criticism’ talk. most articles i’ve read are people defending her

  • pink_lady114

    ikr? I mean, just own up to the fact that you obviously DO care about
    fame. No one who doesn’t signs on for 32 magazine covers and a fashion
    campaign, fashion events etc.

  • Vivie

    Obviously dumb haters can’t read the article…pathetic!!!

  • gabriele

    Needs a lot of defending ,that Kristen Steward,doesn’t she.I still thinks she is a bad actress. I don’t like that she has this spaced out face , all the time, She is admired by millions of young women and you defend her behaviour, aren’t you sending a wrong signal ( cheating swearing flipping the finger). Are we as a society setting our standards that low that we defend a girl who deliberate destroyed a Marriage, everyone knowing she befriended the wife and children? Is it all forgiven because she is in a few Movies. I don’t agree that the Media drags that on, looking at your article here,but please she knew exactly what she is doing. Any other affair would have been unnoticed but breaking up a Marriage leaving two kids without a Father was the last thing I expected her to do. She fooled everybody pretending to be someone different but her action show me nothing than just another attention seeking Hollywood product. She did all the things she so vehemently looked down on, from hating being fake to condemn liars and keeping things private, I feel played and she does it well, just look at you . But that just shows how selfish and arrogant that woman is. Why don’t you write something to explain to young women why it’s not acceptable to do what she did and that the consequences can be devastating . Every article like yours will drag this Story into the light, so why the need to dig it up again. For me , I lost all respect for her

  • Mi

    Who is bashing Kristen?A few very,very hardcore Twilight fans,cause rest of them love her being Bella.Who are deffending her,well top critics (Ebert,Glaiberman from EW,Fine from HP,many bloggers (male bloggers),Kristen fans.I’ve read many articles from respected newspapers (LA Times,The Washington Post etc.) saying she’s great actress and deserve respect.And what about Robert Pattinson?He’s offended by the same journalists that defending Kristen.In their opinion he can’t act,can’t open the movie,draggs her down(I wonder how?),being cuckold,douche,or ”cheating didn’t help him”.During promotion of Cosmopolis many journalists were interesting asking about this scandal,not about the movie.Your article is the next example.

  • Like my article here? You didn’t read it, did you? I defended her acting ability only and nothing else. You can at least read something before criticising it.

  • Fan

    I’m sorry that was overlooked movie The Coke Eaters. It is a masterpiece.

  • gabriele

    At TIFF she would have sold her grandmas soul just to fool everybody , I wish she would have stayed herself, the never smiling miserable Steward we all know, but no, she went all smily on us so the PR machine will continue grinding. It’s a lot of Money at stake, isn’t it

  • OlegKr

    Good article. Kind words. I think Kristen is proud in his film career. She has a good role for which we love her. This is a difficult time will pass and it will be new again great work in film. She has room to grow. So good luck to her and all of us!

  • lirs

    I was just thinking about this just a few weeks after the scandal rob has people talking shit about him in
    every article and belittling him and she has people writing 1653476487 essays supporting her. he’s had to deal with this shit far more than her. he went out like 2 weeks after the pics came out for interviews sans
    publicist where he was constantly asked about kstew and people have been
    shitting on him. so unfair.

  • D.

    Who is this “Steward”?…Can you please fix your grammar as well. You don’t need a capital “M” for money. You don’t need a space between a comma.

  • Julie

    Sorry, but I have to disagree….I don’t see the talent or the beauty. She acts the same in each and every role, and is always so darn miserable. Robert SHOULD and can do much better than that nasty so and so. The girl had an AFFAIR with a MARRIED man….it can’t get anymore tasteless.

  • JimmyT

    Agree, she is an amazing actress. I saw it before this awful Twilight sh**. But unfortunately, your preaching to the ignorant masses and they will never “get it”. They are so blinded by their unfounded hatred (that I dont understand why), that they will probably never give this young woman a fair chance. But on a brighter side, she does have alot of true fans that actually do appreciate her for her talent and not her personal life. That is what true fans do.

  • PowderDonuts

    Such a wonderfully written article about a wonderful actress. It’s such a shame that these OLDER and I do mean OLD women hate Kristen so much. It’s so sad. I would think they would be taking care of their one bedroom shack and 10 kids instead they waste their time spreading hate. If only they would have put this kind of time into their own relationship with their first cousin he wouldn’t have joined the carnival and left them with the kids. Again wonderful article and Thank you for writing it.

  • guest

    Don’t bother…Don’t ever bother to reason with Pattinson’s psychotic army of moms, grandmas, miserable housewives…she hurt their god, she cheated on the sexiest, most perfect man alive…seriously, stay out of it for your own sanity…loved her in on the road by the way…

  • pam


  • JimmyT

    Excuse me but there was only one small mention of Robert Pattinson in the whole entire article (I know shocking right)! If you actually took the time to read BEFORE your post full of self righteous indgination on Mr. Pattinsons behalf (Im sure he is very grateful btw) you would actually know that this is about her career not her personal choices. If your not a fan of hers, why oh why, do you click on a link that has her name in the title?

  • amy

    srsly dont even get me started on kristen’s crazy fans. Some of her fans even sent a list of madeup disgusting stories about Rob to less reputable blogs with no integrity who actually
    published the trash. There are extreme fans on both sides. While I do not condone hate on anyone, I’m disappointed by her recent actions. some rob fans are exactly the same. That’s not hating. It’s doing
    exactly what Kristen fans would do if the situation was reversed. In the
    past, some Kristen fans had the same reaction when Rob dared to sit
    next to another female.

  • guest

    *shakes head*…………….

  • gabriele

    I read it , but it was unnecessary . Focus on real Role Models. I still think that she isn’t capable of any emotion , don’t try to make me forget that behind your article is nothing else than trying to defend her action. There are truly great actresses with good Morals out there , write about them. Isn’t it clear that to this specific point your article is grabbing on to nothing else than telling me , oh forget that she is a manipulative immature woman who plays with other peoples feelings. I tell you , her acting right now in this situation with her smily face and pretending to be sad is the best she’s ever done

  • gabriele

    And why exactly is Rob a god, he is a nice humble human being who’s heart got shattered into a million pieces. Show some empathy. It real has nothing to do with Rob , its Stewards action against the wife and children. How very cruel of you to make a statement like that. would you like to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of the whole world to see, its pathetic

  • There is nothing at all behind my article defending her “actions” or anything similar at all. Unlike others, I can separate careers and personal lives and this came from the criticism towards her acting, not her personal life. Her personal life doesn’t affect me at all nor does it affect you or anyone else except the ones involved so either way it’s an irrelevant point. She hasn’t manipulated me into making this article, I’ve never even met the woman. I have no idea what she’s like in real life or anything similar but all I’m trying to say is that the mass amounts of people who are willing to lament her ability without seeing her other work are wrong. I’m only trying to open people’s eyes to the fact that she can act because it’s irritating that people can think otherwise when all they’ve seen is Twilight and based their opinion on that. It’s become an angry mob situation where everyone is shouting without basis and now the memes about her “expressionless” face and the comparisons to other actress from other franchises – Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence etc. – are completely void.

  • Stacy

    How do you appreciate someone’s “talent” when their morals are questionable at best? It’s very difficult to look past the fact that she and her lover caused long lasting harm to 4 individuals…..Rob and Liberty will hopefully move on to better things, but what about the two little kids involved? I don’t hate her just to hate her, but rather because of her actions. Like it or not, she was a role model to so many people out there and really should have been more cognizant of the damage that this would cause. Maybe someday I’ll be able to separate her actions from her supposed talent as an actress, but today is not that day. I clicked on this article out of curiosity because the title led me to believe that the article was going to be a piece defending her behavior and just couldn’t refrain from commenting.

  • srdn

    gurl, you’re not in position to judge other fans. you were saying ‘rob wants to kill kristen’ just a day ago. You’re mentally crazy.

  • gabriele

    And who are u my father, it’s the internet , not something important, and english isn’t my first language. See ! you forgive cheating and lying but you are on my case for grammar and punctuation, get real please

  • Mi

    Exactly,lirs.At TIFF nobody asked her about this scandal,journalists were polite and respectful and they were asking about the movie.

  • gabriele

    I see some criticism about SWATH and she was awful, alone the scene where she had to gather the Troops make me grinch . Your Headline didn’t state that you defend her being criticized for her acting, I would have never opened it , but you fooled me. There are many defenders of her acting ability but your timing and Headline points to her personal life

  • gabriele

    gives you no right to be insulting, people have different opinions , so what. It doesn’t mean they are dumb and hateful. It makes you look hateful

  • gabriele

    That’s exactly what I mean, is there no empathy for the people she hurt, she isn’t a Goddess by any means, very sad

  • Mi

    Are you one of those old,ugly daddy-type Kristen fan,or one of those miserable Krisbians?

  • I haven’t seen that film so I can’t comment on it which is why it was left out of the article. “In Defence of…” is an article title here and a regular feature when people defend the careers of those they deem deserved to be defended and are unfairly criticised. This is why it is that. What timing? I’m pretty sure that was like a month or so ago so it’s nothing to do with her personal life.

  • tdog

    “…make you ‘grimace’.” Not “grinch” (that’s a children’s fairy tale character)…I think that’s the word you are looking for ;). LET THE VITRIOL COMMENCE! LOL

  • D.

    It’s not mine or your place to forgive. Why don’t you concentrate on the article itself and not spouting off about some irrelevant personal actions Kristen has made? The writer of this article didn’t ask for you to share your thoughts with him and others on how you don’t like her as a PERSON. His article was based on pointing out Kristen is a talented actress in the films she has been in. It’s not a subject on defending her on her cheating. Get that through your thick skull please. And in my eyes good grammar and good English is very much important on the internet, especially if you want to comment on a UK site…It’s also good to stick to the article subject, which is Kristen’s a talented actress: agree or disagree. You and anyone else, who has decided to ignore the article and just comment about how much you hate her because she’s cheated, sound embarrasing! One more thing, if I was your parent I’d ban you from the internet! Without a doubt you will go anywhere on the internet even an article talking about sliced bread, and you’ll embarass yourself by talking about how disgusting Kristen and her PR or Kristen, and how she can’t be forgiven.

  • anne

    Written like a true person who is employed by Kristen’s PR people. She has one expression.

  • Ron

    This article about Kristen but all crazy robssesed get mad..he he

  • ipunchu

    Telling people to see her other movies won’t make them see her talent. They see them and still think she sucks because she’s not a bubbly, giant-boobed, slutbag they can relate to. Kristen isn’t going to be liked by the idiotic masses who need a jumbotron screwed onto her face to express whatever over-the-top, cheesily dramatic emotions they’ve come to expect from from Hollywood. People fear what they dont understand, and they don’t understand Kristen. I hope all the hate can push her out of the mainstream and back to Indies where she belongs and where she can be appreciated. Because she deserves that.

  • Tiredly

    I support the girl and agree that she has the talent to stand head and shoulders above her peers of this generation, to stand with the greats. However, telling the lynch mob that 50 very incriminating pictures, a public confession, and a public apology (not to mention the colossal botch her PR team has made of the situation since) are “controversial and flimsy excuses” is like spitting on their shoes and calling it rain. Not the right tack to take at all. You’re supposed to be trying to win them over, not insulting their intelligence and trying to shame them into seeing things your way. The industry and her peers may love her, but that won’t matter a damn if people don’t. They need a reason to let it go besides “she’s a wonderful actress”. You and I know she is, but of the public doesn’t, and furthermore, they don’t care about her as an actress beyond what’s on the screen. Her skills as an actress, or the alleged (and false) lack thereof aren’t the problem. What’s causing the problem is the public’s perception of her as a person. As a human being. And on that, they only know what they see and hear. And for the the last seven weeks what they’ve seen and heard hasn’t been good. Let her PR team start rebuilding her credibility as the person (which is who the fans loved to start with) behind the actress and you’ll see people change their tune a lot faster than all the articles, sources, and sometime friends trying to shame them into it could possibly accomplish.

  • Tiredly

    Hoping she’s hated enough so that she’ll go where YOU think she should? Pigeon holing much? #headdesk

  • Carib

    From the article, it is obvious that you are a huge Kristen fan and not a Rob a fan. You didn’t have to mention him as his “sparkling companion” if you were only talking about her movies performances. I was a R/K fan, of them as a couple and individually, but after the cheating mess I’ve lost respect for her. Talking about her movies performances, I understand why many people don’t like it. And I thought about what other say, specially the mannerisms and facial expresions and they have a point. The thing about her characters is that they all have Kristen’s personal mannerisms. They have the lip biting, hair touching, mouth touching, mouth open, etc…and after a while, it starts to get annoying.

  • Ha thanks but I’m a volunteer writer.

  • JRS1

    I completely agree with you. I think she is a good actress and part of being an actor/actress is portraying yourself in a good public image. I do admit it has to have been harder for her then some other actresses, with constantly getting threats and hated on because of who you were dating, has to have been difficult. (and this has gone on for years) I personally could not have dealt with that. However, she has chosen to be in this field she must try harder to appear more compassionate. If I was her PR people, I would advise her to take some time away from acting, volunteer your time to different charitable organizations, and watch your language. I agree with you “Tiredly” about rebuilding. I look forward to seeing her in more rolls in the future. Because, after watching her in several movies, I think the girl has got great talent. Good luck to her.

  • Cocoa Purl

    Thanks! I agree. I don’t think the Twilight franchise is as bad as you seem to think it is. I actually think she did well playing Bella. Her acting talent was never questioned once before 2008. Now, everyone thinks she’s talentless. I don’t know how that happens, but I agree that it’s almost criminal how people dismiss her.

  • I called him her sparkly companion because he’s a sparkly vampire in Twilight and accompanies her – no other reason nor personal preference. It shouldn’t be a choice anyway, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Emma

    Oh, a volunteer? So which Kristen Stewart fansite do you normally moderate? I am begging a media outlet, anyone, someone, that is not obviously up Kristen Stewart’s to please write a balanced and fair piece on the matter. Enough of this nonsense. I don’t need an article trashing her. I do not want an article trashing her. I just need an article from someone who is not blindly obsessed or paid off by her PR team. Just some article that actually seems rational and isn’t feeding the public an obnoxious pity party.

  • Realness

    Rob Pattinson doesn’t get these defending articles. Instead we have Kristen’s people paying others to write all this nonsense or Kristen fangirls “volunteering”. That said, Rob’s fame and life develops in an organic way when we don’t have so many fake articles defending him. We get the real deal. Not some fabricated, fake hollywood nonsense.

  • teamkimmie

    What should I be hoping for?

  • I don’t moderate any Kristen Stewart fan site or anything similar, nor am I really a fan. I am just sick of people saying she’s talentless because it’s wrong and the only reason think so is because of Twilight hatred or hatred of her personal life which I find unfair. You can say you want an unbiased view but this is just that, I have no feelings or inclination to her or anything similar. She can act and I’m tired of the assumption tat she has one face. It’s tedious. I am not “blindly obsessed” nor am I “paid off by her PR team” in any way, shape or form. I am literally just an aspiring writer, writing about something I deem unfair for free because it’s my opinion. You say you want an unbiased view of her but you’re being biased here now and there will be no article which you deem acceptable as you think they’re either paid off or a fanatic. I’m neither of those things and I didn’t try to get you all to pity her in any way but instead all I wrote about was the fact that she can act and you’re saying it as if I’m doing it for allegiances. It’s simple: I think she can act and I think people wrongly accuse her of not being able to. It is genuinely that simple. I don’t see how I was trying to get people to pity her in any way when I didn’t even mention her private life or anything similar, I simply gave examples of films where she can act and that people need to see them before saying she can’t. I thought it was simple but apparently people can’t be unbiased and have a skewed vision of what was actually written.

  • LB P

    “Well OK then. Everyone blames her because of Twilight. I want to watch Cosmopolis but I hate his face quite a bit”—- Yep, you sure have no personal preference! You could have simply defended Kristen without even mentioning Rob. But instead you decide to throw off on Rob in the article and on your twitter. Why should I or anybody listen to your defense of Kristen while you are bashing another actor?

  • Personal in-joke between me and my friend, actually. I am dying to see Cosmpolis and I’ve heard he deserves an Oscar-nom for it which I hope is right. I’ve only seen him in Twilight and Harry Potter and, in my opinion, he was bad in both of those but from what I’ve heard and read from him, he hates the Twilight franchise so probably wasn’t trying. What throw away comment in the article? I mentioned that no one says he’s a bad actor even though he is bad in Twilight as well. Not a throw away comment but an actual point.

  • Carib

    And that is your opinion about Rob and we respect it. So, why can’t you respect other people’s opinion when they say Kristen is not a good actress?

  • It’s not my opinion on him, I don’t have one because I haven’t seen him in anything else to form a proper opinion of him yet. From what I’ve heard about Cosmopolis, he sounds like a great actor but I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t judge him on a franchise.

  • Tom Giles

    Repetitive, badly written and juvenile. A hagiography sadly unworthy of HeyUGuys.

  • Misty

    What nobody gets is that their personal lives are none of our business. I think they both have talent – Kristen more so than Rob, but you don’t get the lead in a Cronenberg film without having some talent. What I wonder is why nobody’s hating on Rupert. I might get slammed here for this, but so what – he WAS in a power position over her, as he was to direct the sequel to SWATH. Has no female ever been approached by one of their professors from school? I have, and it was very confusing as to what to do. With poor direction in a film, you look like crap. Has anyone noticed that now Rupert Sanders is still to direct that film, and has 2 other projects lined up. Before this happened, he directed commercials. Now he’s got Universal backing, his wife Liberty walked the runway in New York fashion week and has many movie offers. It seems they’re the ones to benefit from all this. Complain about my “conspiracy theory” if you wish, but think about it. US weekly got a “tip”, only 50 pix were taken, no video, when it’s obvious they were followed for quite some time. Where was Rupert’s car, since Kristen met him in a parking lot? Why did she have to drop him off near his home? This thing reeks of a set up – and by Rupert and Liberty. Really think about this logically. And try to use a little empathy. Put yourself in her shoes. And then, back off this girl. She’s only 22 years old! When you were 22, weren’t you glad cameras didn’t follow you everywhere? I sure am. That was an age where I made most of my mistakes. But I learned from them, and grew from them. Please give her the room to do the same, with a little peace. Enough is enough.

  • Tom Giles

    The girl has talent, but this is a shameless hagiography. There are plenty of better actresses out there. So why is this fawning necessary? Expected better of this film. site. Sorry.

  • A study of a saint? I don’t think so. The reason I chose her this time around was because there are memes circulating and wanted to disprove them. There are plenty of other great actresses, I agree, it doesn’t mean she isn’t amongst them and others don’t need defending and are actually appreciated.

  • maria

    Robert Pattinson has the most overly invested, obsessive fans I’ve ever come across. And these women are not teenyboppers. They are mature women old enough to be his mother! From the very beginning of Pattinson’s romance with Stewart, they have been aggressively attacking Kristen nonstop because they deem her inferior and unworthy of “their boy”. They band together and scour the internet looking for sites that display stories about Kristen. Then they invade the comment section with eyeroll-worthy comments either bashing Kristen’s every action or whining about “untalented” Kristen gettng too much attention. Their behavior is so embarassing and their hatred for Kristen is off the rails. Please don’t take their comments seriously. Every time someone dares to compliment Kristen, they scream “PR conspiracy” because no one is ever allowed to have a positive thought for Kristen. Very sad.

  • Livia

    I agree with absolutely everything!! I am very sad about the size of prejudice and rejection that many people have with it.

  • Jessica

    Being a marginally good actress doesn’t increase the palatability of her slutty behavior….a slut will always be a slut, good actress or not.

  • WennaCloud

    Thank you for writing something factual about Kristen Stewart. I have seen most of the films you mentioned and they are what made me such a fan. I have always blamed the hate on Rob’s most obsessive fans and bloggers who have worked for years to bash her every appearance (she never looked perfect enough), her every film, any announcement of a future project. She never tried to win them over and that added to the hate. I hope she can prove herself after Twilight but she has a nice body of work like Into the Wild is a film which got her so many other Indies like The Yellow Handkerchief and On the Road. Talented people signed her up after they saw her in that film.

  • Mike

    She’s gorgeous rich talented slut but you @jessica’s ugly poor prostitude…agree!

  • gabriele

    you really think a Cronenberg is gushing about an actor because he has little Talent, give your head a shake. I see that Steward is your little princess( quiet weird if you ask me) but do not underestimate a Cronenberg. He gains nothing in pretending Pattinson is one of a kind, Rob was brilliant in his ” after Twatlight” Movie. I wish Kristen luck , never will feel the same about her, quiet frankly I think she needs Therapy , should go to school and be grateful

  • gabriele

    “I’m sorry that was overlooked movie The Coke Eaters. It is a masterpiece.”
    Did you do that on purpose, wow

  • gabriele

    sorry but it shows , are you also working for a Steward Fan Page. I know you will deny it ,but it sure looks like

  • gabriele

    thanks , I guess

  • catherinedove

    Beautiful, well-done article – there are NOT enough of these! The problem is, people don’t just need to alter their attitudes – that would be easy. It’s our INTENSE Twilight Obsessions that are clouding SO many people’s judgments. You KNOW these Twilight addictions were PREVENTABLE, Ladies… and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt. Hollywood intentionally causing young, obsessed fans this kind of pain is wrong. It’s TIME to start shifting blame where it belongs – Stephenie Meyer. Search “explain twilight breaking dawn ending blogspot” for the scoop!

  • Hi

    Your derogatory “sparkly boyfriend” told me all I needed to know about your “unbiased” view. RME.

    Continue to believe this sycophantic piece seems fair. It doesn’t hurt Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and any of the countless other actors out there who are more talented than Kristen Stewart. What will happen and what has already happened is that she will stagnate. She used to show great promise as a child and people like you continue this unwarranted praise of her mediocre work which has her thinking she’s Meryl Streep when she is very monotone and unable to show deep emotion. Unlike those other actors mentioned, she doesn’t believe she needs to improve while they continue to strive to be great. Jennifer Lawrence has an oscar nomination, Robert Pattinson received stellar reviews for Cosmopolis and Emma Watson will continue to challenge herself and grow. These people will become the top actors in the future and will always strive to be better. They haven’t been sold a lie. Kristen, because of people like you and others that continue to feed her this nonsense, will never grow up or grow into becoming a good actress. She already thinks she’s great. She’ll continue to be blank and unemotive and will stagnate. What will you be writing 10 years from now when it’s still the same?

    At some point you have to ask yourself this question, why are there 10 million articles defending Kristen’s acting, actions, personality? If the truth is there people should see it right? I have never seen the public sold this hard to believe the opposite of what they believe is true. There does not seem to be this many articles for other actors and actresses. It’s like the emperor’s new clothes. Being sold something that’s actually not there. If enough people believe it then they’ll say they see it even if the emperor is naked.

  • Tiredly

    You know, seeing this posted all over the web honestly bores the hell out of me.

  • Cocoa Purl

    The article was pointing out that before Twilight, she was getting rave reviews. Every actor that has every worked with her has said that she’s a serious actor and always trying to improve on her craft. Every time you hear her speak about her roles, you hear how much work she put into them and the research she has done. Kristen is an award-winning actress, with thirty films under her belt. This article is not saying that she’s better than any of those actors you listed. It’s saying she’s just as good as they are and she has talent. Those “she can’t act” and “she shows no emotion” memes started because she was playing a character who is introverted and not very verbose. She played the character as she was supposed to. Telling her that she’s a good actress is the truth to many people, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to grow as an actress. In fact, I’ve seen a great deal of growth. Even from the Twilight to Breaking Dawn 1, I’ve seen a beautifully nuanced shift in the character’s confidence level and certainty. She’s getting rave reviews for On the Road, even if critics don’t particularly like the movie.
    It’s baffling that an actress can go from getting the reviews that she did in The Cake Eaters, which were excellent to this widespread internet opinion that she can’t act at all, when clearly she can. If you watch The Runaways and say she can’t act, then your ability to judge acting is highly questionable. Even Jennifer Lawrence, who you seem to respect, said she loved her in The Runaways.

  • catherinedove

    GOSH, then get to READING it already. Every single ONE of you NEED to!!

  • Tarintino

    Since when is having disdain for someone who had an affair with a married father of two a “flimsy excuses”? She cheated in broad daylight on a public road and we only know about it because she was caught with photos. We don’t know how long it went on or how long it would have gone on if she hadn’t been confronted with photographic evidence. She’s wrecked the home of a woman she knew, and worked with on SWATH. In fact, Liberty Ross recommended her for the part of Snow White. It takes someone cruel and thoughtless to cheat with the husband of a woman who helped your career.

    As for her acting choices in the Twilight franchise, you’re ridiculous for blaming the directors. She had 4 directors and they all got the exact same performance out of her because it’s all she knows how to do, it’s not their direction. You can’t get more opposite than Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz, but she turned in the same monotone, expressionless performance in both their films, It’s funny, but Bella is supposed to have this epic love for Edward–she never convinced me. She saved her smiles for Jacob and always seemed much happier to be around him than her own true love.

    Everyone has complained about this in Eclipse, it’s not just me, even reviewers pointed out that she seemed to regret choosing Edward over Jacob. This is the exact opposite of how the book was written, and she seemed like she was being led to her funeral rather than her wedding in BD2. Yet she was thrilled to see Jacob at the reception–this were Kristen’s expressions in the film I’m talking about, not the way it was written in the books.

    She is responsible for what’s on the screen, no director can get a better performance out of her if she won’t give it. Jake Scott said trying to direct her was like “trying to herd cats”. She’s got a reputation for being argumentative with directors, as was recently caught by the paps in an ugly encounter with Nick Cassavettes in a parking lot. You could see her shouting at him and using hand gestures, it was all caught on film, again in public. She never seems to learn. And if her career is damaged now, she only has herself to blame. No one held a gun to her head and forced her to cheat. Frankly, I don’t want to see her films, her personality and behavior in public has become disgusting. She’s like a younger, self-destructive version of Mel Gibson as far as I’m concerned.

  • Reality Check

    And what about the Krisbians who flood the comment section with comments about how she’s a great actess, the next Meryl Streep? No one takes them seriously, and no one believes this girl is ever going to make a big studio film again. She trashed her reputation and career and no one wants to work with her. Facts are facts, it doesn’t matter who you are a fan of. The blame for this cheating scandal lies with Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. Trying to spin it away isn’t working, is it?

  • Dealing with matters like this as an adult, without coddling, will ensure that Rob Pattinson grows as an adult. He will be able to handle situations in a mature manner and will live the life of a moderately decent human being. The excessive coddling that Kristen receives from all parties will ensure that like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson before her, she will not develop the capacity to handle matters in a mature fashion. Like the others before her, she will be very popular and might achieve a lot of success before the realization that given no room to become an adult by learning from mistakes, she will still have the brain of a 13 year old and handle difficult and stressful matters similarly. When this trainwreck reaches it’s final crash point just remember that there were people that saw it coming.

  • Bette

    This doesn’t reek of a set up, it reeks of a thrill seeking spoiled brat who got caught cheating with a married man. No one is benefitting from this scandal, but of course they’re all being thrust into the spotlight. That’s what happens when you create the biggest scandal of 2012. Wise up!

  • Duchess

    I agree with a lot of what you say, but the truth is, you can’t rebuild what wasn’t there to start with. Kristen has no store of goodwill built up with the general public. Whenever they say her before, she had her middle finger up in the air and was snarling profanities at anyone near her.

    She was most famous for scowling, and never looking happy. She did it to herself. She paraded the red carpets and barely could force herself to smile. Contrast her to Emma Stone. Emma is bright and lovable, Kristen is not. She tried so hard to be cool and be a badass, and see where it got her? She wasn’t likable before and she sure isn’t likable now. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and she’s blown it. Her own fans nicknames her “bitchface.” They thought it was cool. It’s not so cool any more.

  • Cocoa Purl

    If this is the biggest “scandal” of 2012, that a 22-year-old young lady made a common misstep in her personal life, then this world is seriously effed up. There is white collar crime, mass shootings, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, a presidential election in the U.S., etc. She hurt her boyfriend and the guy was married. That deserves exactly one day of shock and then for those of us who aren’t involved to move the hell on with OUR lives and let them live theirs. If you don’t like her, then don’t follow her. You can avoid any articles about her. You can even avoid any movies she’s in. This reaction is overkill and this article did’t even mention “the scandal.” It was discussing the meme that’s going around that she can’t act, which the author, and probably millions of others, don’t agree with. The author did not defend her transgression. If you can’t support her because she made a bad decision that hurt people, then don’t support her, but this article and discussion wasn’t about that. As far as her being spoiled, this young lady has been working since she was nine years old. She’s mostly been in small movies for scale that few people get to see. That’s not the actions of a spoiled person. That’s the behavior of someone who loves to act and would do it for free just to be involved in the process. Of course, being at the top of her Hollywood game means that she has the power to get smaller projects greenlit, like On the Road, The Runaways, etc. What’s wrong with using your value and small amount of power to get passion projects financed? Those are the actions of a rather selfless person, actually. Good people do bad things. There are people who are evil through and through who have never cheated. Life isn’t as black and white as some people seem to want to make it.

  • Wolf

    Maybe because her best work was done before she turned 16, which is kind of sad. She played awkward angsty teens, and then she fell into Twilight and got famous, but her acting didn’t improve. She got horrendous reviews for SWATH, and deservedly so. She breathed through her mouth during the whole film, distractingly so.

    She also never closed her mouth, and on the big screen, her prominent front teeth looked enormous. Srsly, watch the DVD, you’ll see what I mean. Sanders did her no favors as a director or as a person.That movie also demonstrated the flaw in her character. Instead of going back to the indies she always “claimed” to have loved, she signed onto another big budget franchise, betraying all the things she had paid lip service to for years.

    She thought she could prove that she could open a franchise without Rob and Taylor, but she didn’t seem to realize that Hemsworth and Charlize had their own fanbases, and the story itself with all of the fantasy and action was a big draw. Frankly, Snow White had so little dialog, any young actress could have played the part and the result would have been similar. The only thing it proved was that Stewart was greedy and competitive, with something to prove. Too bad her power trip led her to commit adultery with her married director and brought down her entire career.

  • Tess

    It’s too bad that Stewart used her personal life to get famous. No one paid much attention to her until they thought she was with Pattinson. Sure, she got good reviews but no buzz. She flashed his photo to an Elle reporter, after saying she wouldn’t “sell” her private life. Then she blabbed about her “English boyfriend,” and went on about how “obvious” it all was. She’s always been a hypocrite,

    Rob said he didn’t see the point of discussing his private life, and he’s kept his word. He’s taken the high road in this whole mess, and maintained his dignity. He’s going on as a single man, sadder but wiser.

  • Pauline

    Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Kiera Knightly are not bubbly, giant-boobed slutbags, and they’re very popular and respected as actresses. So your argument is lame and invalid. Jennifer Lawrence has a fantastic figure and amazing acting talent, recognized with an Oscar nomination. Everyone including Stewart are individuals, you can’t make some stupid, blanket statement and expect to be taken seriously.

    I don’t know anyone who’s afraid of Stewart, and it seems to be her own fans who don’t understand her. She’s not some rebel badass. She’s a spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate person with low moral values. She’s demonstrated that for everyone to see and it’s effected her career. Wives of directors and actors don’t want their husbands to work with her, and can you blame them?

    She’s going back to indies because no major studio wants to try to promote a film she’s in, including BD2. Summit is so annoyed with her, they wouldn’t even let her attend the VMA’s. She wasn’t invited to TIFF either, you can check all the press releases they sent out listing who was attending and she wasn’t on any of them. I felt sorry for Hedlund, the night should have been about him but she stole the focus and he had to babysit her interviews instead of doing solo interviews himself.

  • Angela

    Oh please, she was in Into the Wild for 10 forgettable minutes. It wasn’t “her” film, she had a tiny part. And Salles cut out a lot of her footage when OTR was shown at TIFF, supposedly to put the focus more on Dean. I think he was so disgusted with her, he wanted as little of her in his film as possible.

    She embarrassed Salles at Canned, arriving and flipping the bird with both hands, booing at the legitimate photographers on the red carpet and behaving like a brat. The OTR cast had been invited to be on Le Grande Journal, but after the way she acted, they rescinded the invitation. Salles can barely stand to pose with her, look at any of their pictures. He refuses to put his arm around her or look at her, it’s obvious how much he wishes she could behave like a mature adult.

  • Lizzy

    Why do you think those meme’s exist? She made herself into a cliche before Twilight, that only made her lack of expression known to a broader audience. Do you know there’s a video on Youtube called “How to act like Kristen Stewart,” where they catalog her mouth breathing, stuttering, fidgeting, playing with her hair, shaking her head before saying a line–she does these things in every single film. If she didn’t do all these things, she wouldn’t be famous for relying on her mannerisms.

    You obviously haven’t read her reviews for SWATH. The script was bad, the direction was bad, and she was bad in it. You need to root for Snow White, and she wasn’t likable. Her speech to rally the troops was lame and lackluster. A Girl Scout troop wouldn’t have responded to her delivery of that speech, it was laughable.

    And if you’re not mentioning her private life, then why write this article now, which reads like another apologist’s viewpoint? She’s famous for having her PR bulldog, Ruth, out in full force, trying to massage the media to spin things in Stewart’s favor. They are so obvious, leaking stories to Vulture about roles she hasn’t really been cast in and outright lying to some gossip columnists in an effort to make people thing things are really better than they are. She was dumped and with good reason, by her boyfriend and by producers and directors.

  • Hannah

    She was cast as Bella because she was playing a plain, ordinary girl. You don’t cast someone gorgeous when you’re looking for the invisible bookworm type, do you? She’s said herself that she was a tomboy, who identified more with her brothers than she did with girls. They can slap a ton of make up on her and photoshop the crap out of her pictures, but she’s still going to be ugly on the inside.

    She’s showed us what she’s really like and it’s not pretty. And her acting ability isn’t good enough to overcome that.

  • Hannah

    Well it was a poor choice of words. You could have referred to her as his dull, boring, plain human companion, that’s the part she played in Twilight, but you wouldn’t do that because you don’t see her that way.

    Your comment showed a lack of respect, it’s like giving someone a nickname as a tool for bullying. Pattinson’s Edward character could have been referred to as her rescuer (which he did in every film), or as the Byronic hero type, which he is, but no, you chose to denigrate him by bringing up the sparkling. You seem to share the emotional maturity of Stewart.

  • Valentine

    What a joke. He’s so bad in Twilight, he’s the reason the films have made billions of dollars. Do you think women are paying to see Stewart? Pattinson and Lautner are the draws for the franchise. There is no Team Bella, is there? No, because she could have been played by a cardboard cutout. She’s just a placeholder for all the women in the audience, and a large portion of her fans only liked her because they thought she was with Pattinson.

  • Melanie

    Wow. And your response is exactly what people are talking about. So much vitriol. And most of it based on what YOU perceived her to be and what YOU think was important to her. Not what she herself said. She never said she wouldn’t do another franchise. She said she does films that interest her on a visceral level and Snow White was one of them. She didn’t “betray” anything by making SWATH.

    And SWATH in and of itself received horrible reviews, deservedly so in my opinion. The only thing that movie had going for it was the beautiful visuals. Everyone in that movie is capable of better performances but it was very obvious Sanders was a first time director who didn’t know what he was doing. Even the screenplay was subpar. Charlize was comically over the top in her scenes and Hemsworth is capable of so much more. Stewart wasn’t singled out in most of the bad reviews. One movie does not a career make, which was the POINT of this whole article. Also, it’s so weird to me that in response to an article on her acting, people bitch about how her mouth doesn’t fall closed naturally. And her teeth. Of all the things to concentrate on…..

    At least you finally got to the point of why you think the way you do. She messed up and THAT’S the real issue. 90% of the hate this girl gets is based upon her real life and not her acting at all. She had the man everyone wanted so they hated her for that. Then she messed that relationship up so now people will hate her for that. I have no interest in defending what she did other than to say the reaction is ridiculous. People acting like she personally betrayed THEM and then killed their firstborn rather than making out with her sleazy boss in a car. And I sincerely doubt this will bring down her career. No matter how much the overly invested ~fans would like to see that happen.

  • Cocoa Purl

    Not only do you show your obvious bias in your response, but you have no clue what you’re talking about. Kristen had signed on to do another indie and put up part of the financing for it, with Cali. She did Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, and On the Road, while she was filming Twilight and she has gotten great reviews for those performances, all of them after the age of 16.
    You can’t get smaller projects done in this industry without being a power player. Kristen proved that she CAN open a big budget movie without Robert and Taylor. If her goal was to prove that she can bring in an audience to a movie, being a lead, then she proved it. That’s how she was able to get Cali financed. Kristen has been involved with one big budget project – Snow White. She got paid less for that job than she did for Breaking Dawn 1. How is it greedy to take a pay cut to play a part. She was paid scale to do On the Road. She put up her own money for Cali. How does any of that indicate greed? Twilight was a low-budget film, distributed by a mini-major. She stuck with it as it got big. She has only sought out something that’s not low-budget once in her career and that’s because she really liked the way this character was challenged.
    Your comment, talking about her teeth and which orafice she breathes from is why people are standing up and defending her. People keep attacking her ad hominem and it’s affecting her career. She made a bad decision, as humans do. All of this talk about her personal life is incredibly stupid. She’s a good actor and has turned in some very good performances. I happen to think she was a great Snow White. But, even if she wasn’t, the vitriol hurled at her and these silly internet memes are putting people who see the quality in her work on the defensive.

  • Cocoa Purl

    That’s completely untrue. There are hundreds of pictures of Kristen smiling on the red carpert. They’ve chosen to portray her as someone who snarls. The only people she threw up her middle finger at were paparazzi and since when do the people that practically murdered Princess Diana with their antics deserve respect? Yeah, she curses when she talks…and? She wasn’t trying to be anything. She was being herself. Why should she have to be like Emma Stone or any other person, but herself? If she’s like Emma Stone, then who is Emma going to be? So, if she’s polite to paparazzi and never says *gasp* a swear word then the people that have been harassing her for the last four years would stop? I doubt it.

  • Melanie

    I guess you never see movies then? Or listen to music? Somehow I doubt the “questionable morals” factors in unless it’s this girl. And that’s fine, that’s your choice. I myself save the moralizing for when they do something a lot worse than making out in a car with their creepy boss.

    And the role model argument is so tired. She’s not responsible to the world’s children. She’s responsible to herself and the people she loves. Not her fans, not her haters. She shouldn’t have been a role model before all this mess anyway. “Like it or not” if kids are looking up to her, that’s the parents issue to deal with, not hers. Or anyone else’s.

    Do people really think this is the first time Sanders has cheated? I feel awful for those children but when your own wife says “he likes ’em young” I sincerely doubt this is the first or last time those kids will have to deal with something like this.

  • Melanie

    lolll WOW. And your response just goes to prove that there is a section of Rob fans that are a bit unhinged and incredibly overly defensive. You freaked out like she shit all over him. She said he had talent. She didn’t say “little” talent. She didn’t say anything bad about him at all. You defended him from nothing.

  • Melanie

    The fact that you don’t think she can act and don’t like her but know the name of her publicist….? This is why people dismiss you and people like you. It’s creepy.

  • Melanie

    Or you could have read it and seen it wasn’t “defending” her at all. It was about her ACTING, not her personal life.

  • Melanie

    lol Amazing how you jumped from a token few words on her acting (which is actually what the article’s about) straight into what you really care about. At least you didn’t bore everyone with a long ass comment pretending you’re not just here to white knight for a man whose decisions in his personal life are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Cocoa Purl

    Exactly Melanie. I don’t even know the name of her PR person and I’m a fan. How PR savvy would it be for her to “leak” information about a role she doesn’t have that she IMMEDIATELY denied having? I liked her in SWATH. I think she made a great Snow White and I think her speech to the troops was great. See how that works? You have one opinion and I have another. Every single actor in Hollywood has gotten bad reviews. The reason why there’s a YouTube video about acting like Kristen Stewart is the same reason why people imitate Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington – they have distinct mannerisms that make them stand out, they are popular so people will click on the video, and they want a part of the fame and success that Kristen has EARNED through her work and talent. She and her boyfriend may have broken up for reasons that are personal. She’s only been removed from one project – that was Cali. We don’t know if it was her decision or theirs. They may make a huntsman movie before they make another Snow White movie, but they released a statement saying that Kristen has not been dropped from working with Universal, or the franchise So, your total comment is just another hate rant.

  • Melanie

    Why do people do this? They are SEPARATE PEOPLE. Why would you even ask her about Rob in an article about Kristen and her ACTING? This wasn’t about her personal life at all. Do you want every Cosmopolis review to discuss Kristen’s performance in SWATH? Ridiculous.

  • Melanie

    The fact that you hate her and yet ~know all this stuff is frankly terrifying. In the first place, you’re wrong. Salles didn’t cut her footage and she flipped off and boo’d PAPARAZZI not legitimate photographers. Salles has nothing but praise for her and her performance in his movie. But the bigger question is why creepy people watch all this stuff on her when you don’t like her or her acting?

  • Melanie

    As a fan of both, I have to agree that extremes on both sides have their disgusting behavior. But just because Kristen fans would act this way if Rob cheated, doesn’t make it okay. They ARE hating and it’s beyond tiresome. Especially when it’s on articles like this that don’t even MENTION this whole mess.

  • Melanie

    Makes me so sad when women talk like this.

  • Justin

    She got $12.5 million for BD1, I would hope she got less than that for SWATH. BD1 was the 4th film in a franchise, so of course it was a big payday. SWATH was the first of a franchise, so naturally she got less, but I’ve heard that it was $5 million, which is nothing to sneeze at. So don’t brag about it being a pay cut, it’s noting compared to an indie salary of around $200,000. is it?

    No one would be talking about her personal life if she either had any integrity or any brains. She stupidly chose to deliberately cheat with a married father of two. This is a dumb action by anyone, but by a person who’s career was built on a teen fanbase shows more than ordinary stupidity. And she can’t choose a good script to save her life. WTTR stank, SWATH sucked, OTR is slow and aimless, all were Rotten on RT and yes, she was singled out in SWATH reviews for her dreadful performance.

  • Duchess

    Then how come when she was announced as Hollywood’s highest paid actress, both Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno made the same joke about how when she heard the news, her scowling expression didn’t change? She had the reputation of being a sourpuss. Now she has the reputation of being a liar, cheat, and homewrecker. Big improvement, huh?

    And you completely miss the point, which is standard for KStew’s fans. She wasn’t likable to begin with and she’s only made herself more unlikable.

  • Melanie

    And people don’t think it pays to be a man. “A younger version of Mel Gibson” ? Are you serious? You judge kissing your married boss the same as denying the Holocaust, verbally assaulting & sexually harassing a police officer, threatening to kill the mother of your children and bury her in the garden, and being a violent, raging alcoholic (just to name a few things he did) as being on the same level? She messed up, no question. She did something selfish and stupid. And she didn’t do it to YOU. Or anyone outside of the people directly involved. No one is holding a gun to your head making you read articles about her or watch her movies. Don’t watch her movies if you don’t like her acting. Don’t read articles about her if you don’t like her who you see her as as a person.

    And she doesn’t have a reputation for being argumentative with directors at all. If anything, her peers and directors praise her across the board for her talent and how amazing it was to work with her. You can’t rewrite history just because she did something awful. That she apologized for. And those pictures of her yelling? She looks like she’s yelling at the paparazzi not Nick. But who cares if she was? This is the man who just told everyone how he’s okay with incest. Guess you’ve never yelled at anyone in your life.

    And Sanders wrecked his own damn home.

  • Bette

    Sorry, just because she started working in films at a young age doesn’t mean she can’t be spoiled, the two things are not mutually exclusive.

    KStew is a spoiled, selfish brat who’s had everything handed to her on a silver platter and it still wasn’t enough. Esquire magazine pointed to her “air of snarling entitlement,” in 2009, this isn’t new. She wanted to have her cake & eat it, too.

    She dropped out of school in 7th grade simply because she didn’t want to go. Her parents let her, just like they let her smoke pot at home, smoke cigarettes at home, and do whatever she wanted. They placed no value on education, and she didn’t bother to get her high school diploma until she was 19. Contrast that to Dakota Fanning who graduated with her public school class at 17 and went on to college. Same with Emma Watson, they both managed to go to school and work, and have integrity in their private lives. Because they’re not spoiled brats.

  • Tarentino

    Spin, spin, spin. Those pictures show her up in Cassavettes face, she doesn’t even know that paps are there when those pics are taken, she doesn’t see them until later. Don’t you try to rewrite history!

    It doesn’t matter who I’ve yelled at, I’m not an actress who knows the paps are just living to get pictures of her they can sell. She is, which makes her even dumber to keep doing things that make her look bad.

    You don’t have to know someone personally to be disgusted by their behavior or their personality, or lack of it. She’s just like a bad joke that has gone on for too long. You’re making lame excuses for her isn’t helping her, either. That’s the problem, she’s never had to face the consequences for any of her bad behavior before, so she thinks she can just keep getting away with it. Just watch, she hasn’t learned anything.

  • Melanie

    Maybe because Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno always go for the easiest joke imaginable? It’s the standard joke about Kristen. One that even Rob says is untrue and stupid. That outlets can have 50 pictures of her smiling and they’ll always choose to run the one picture where she isn’t to perpetuate the mistaken belief that she’s “sullen”.

    And just because people like you didn’t like her, doesn’t mean she’s “unlikable” to everyone. I LIKED that she didn’t have a fake smile on her face ALL the time, I LIKED that she didn’t always know what to say, didn’t have the canned ~right answer for every question. I find people like that boring. She didn’t bore me. And all of that? Is still true. The fact that she messed up doesn’t change it. I don’t see her as a “liar, cheat, and homewrecker”. (Also “homewrecker” is such an idiotic term. I can’t believe anyone still uses that. ) I see her as someone who doesn’t have all the answers. Who made a jacked up decision that she is undoubtedly paying for.

  • Duchess

    My point was that she’s most famous for scowling, and that’s the truth. It doesn’t matter if she smiles in private, when she’s being paid to represent a film on the red carpet she can hardly even act like she’s not bored to death. This is her problem, not mine. She created her own sullen persona, and now she’s having to deal with it.

  • Cocoa Purl

    So, even though she did take a tremendous paycut for SWATH it doesn’t count as a paycut because it wasn’t the salary one would make for an indie movie? That doesn’t make any sense. It wasn’t an indie. It was a big-budget movie, given to a first-time director. She, Chris, and Charlize were insurance that the movie would make it’s money back. It did and then some, largely because of Kristen’s fanbase. WttR was a geat script, OTR was not received well at Cannes, but none of the complaints were about the performances and Kristen received universal praise for hers. Her performance in SWATH got negative reviews. Ok. She also got postive reviews from many of the top critics and they actually gave the movie a 62% fresh at RT.
    She was paid scale for OTR, Welcome to the Rileys, and The Runaways. She got praise for her performance in ALL of these movies, even if the movies didn’t do well. She got praised for Adventureland, as well. She wasn’t getting hefty paychecks for any of this work.

  • Hannah

    Just makes me wonder if this was the first time Stewart ever cheated. If she didn’t cheat on Michael A., she sure did hop from one bed to another before the sheets even got cold. She dumped Mike in April and frolicked in Italy with Rob in May, which is some indication of how she treats a guy she’s been going with for three years. Mike was totally blindsides, one way or the other.

    At least she broke up with Mike, she didn’t let him find out what she was really like by seeing the cover of US weekly.

  • Melanie

    “you making lame excuses for her isn’t helping her either” loll I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that all of us sitting here behind our computers either trashing her or defending her were having ANY affect on HER at all.

    No she wasn’t “all up in his face” but like I said, who cares if she was. Unless you were there and know why she was yelling. You don’t know her. You don’t know if she’s had to face consequences in her life or not. Despite all the creepy things you seem to know about her, you don’t actually KNOW her any more than I do. Be disgusted with her behavior all you want. But you don’t even really know her personality, you’ve just made assumptions based on what you’ve read and interviews you’ve seen (and entirely too many apparently) But, hey, to each their own.
    I have to say though, people like you sincerely baffle me. Using your time to analyze pap pics and follow the career and personal life of someone you hate. Actually, “hating” any celebrity is baffling to me.

  • Cocoa Purl

    This is an incredibly stupid statement. I’m sorry. You’re careful NOT to say she cheated because you know that makes Robert guilty of the same thing that she’s done. So, your complaint is that even though you surmise that she did break up with her boyfriend before she dated Robert (we can’t make him a villain when we’re villifying Kristen), she didn’t take long enough to get into another relationship. Yeah. Right. In other words, you don’t know anything and you’re making up stuff because you don’t like Kristen.

  • Melanie

    I have no idea if she cheated on Michael with Rob. People like to forget the whole MA/Rob thing because if it’s true, then Rob was a part of cheating too and they don’t like that.

  • Liberty

    And it makes me mad when women try to defend a person who cheated with a married father of two. Stewart is not the victim. Where is your sympathy for Liberty Ross and her two small children? They are the ones who were hurt in this scandal, they’re aren’t the ones who inflicted the pain.

  • Angela

    You are wrong. Rope of Silcon, FilmStage and several other news sites have ran articles about how the film was recut for TIFF to put the focus on Dean and as a result, KStew’s part was cut down. This is a fact, you can Google it and find several sources. Salles has commented on it himself.

    Please produce an interview conducted since Cannes where Salles has praised her. I’ll wait. He hasn’t mentioned her since she acted like a spoiled brat in Cannes. Those were not paps she booed at the photo call. They were legitimate press, paps aren’t allowed on the red carpet there. She booed and there’s video of Salles scolding her for it.

    It happens to be part of my job to watch and report on films and film festivals. You think I enjoy watching all of her immature antics? She’s an embarrassment as an actress and a person. She was representing OTR when she was in France and she acted like an uncivilized boor.

  • Ginger

    And you spending your time defending her is any better? You don’t know her, either, and yet you think you can interpret photos and interviews.

    She called her own fans “retarded.” It’s in a MSN video interview conducted while Twilight was filming. She was asked what she thought about fans of the book showing up where they were filming and she called them “retarded” for being excited about a movie they hadn’t even seen yet. Her stupidity knows no bounds.

  • Cocoa Purl

    Actually, she dropped out of school because she was being bullied. Now, I am getting a bird’s eye view of what that must have been like. She was not handed anything on a silver platter. The only job she was “given” was as a ring-toss girl in Viva Rock Vegas. She got an agent and she has had to fight for roles in small movies that people barely saw before her work ethic and reputation led her to be recommended for Twilight. I don’t give a crap about Esquire magazine and what they think of her. Those magazines say whatever they want to, take her comments out of context, add off-record comments to interviews, so that people like you who hate her, will pick up the magazine, buy it, and read it. So, if you get your H.S. diploma at 19 that somehow translates to you not valuing your education? She felt that she didn’t want to have to give up a busy career that was challenging to go to school for something she was already doing. Many people make that choice, including Garrett Hedlund who was also in On the Road. Does that make him entitled because he chose to work instead of getting a degree for journalism? Choosing to work instead of being a kid and being handed an allowance is not the actions of a spoiled person. It’s the actions of someone who values work and wants to contribute in any way she can. If you want to believe she’s spoiled, then by all means, think what you want to think. I don’t agree.

  • Hannah

    Yeah, the difference is that no one was married or even engaged and there were no children involved. And now we know that Rob is a poor judge of character, but that’s not a crime. I’m sure he’s learning to be more careful in his choice of friends for the future. You know that old saying, once burned, twice shy.

  • Melanie

    We’ll see.

  • Melanie

    Yes, I do think it’s better. I’m following the career of someone whose movies and talent interests me. I like her interviews. I like her movies. I’m not spending my time spewing hate all over the place. And I’M not the one interpreting photos. YOU are. I said we didn’t know what was going on. Seriously, let it go. Let her go. Stop obsessing. Find an actress you like and figure out all the personal details and milestones in her life. And just cross your fingers she never messes up.

    I never said she hadn’t said anything stupid. Yes, that was a stupid thing to say. Yes, she’s said other stupid things. I don’t see her as some perfect princess who can do no wrong. I like her anyway. I’m sorry that offends you so much.

  • Melanie

    I’m sorry, I missed the part of that comment where I dismissed Liberty and her children and lamented how sorry I felt for Kristen and defended her actions. Are you serious right now?

    You have NO idea how I feel about Liberty and her children. I also NEVER said Kristen was the victim here. This is why people dismiss you and people like you. You’re so defensive and full of vitriol that you’re making assumptions and jumping all over people with asinine arguments that don’t even have anything to do with what people have actually said.

  • Melanie

    And MY point was that she was most famous for that because outlets choose those pictures on purpose. To perpetuate that persona. No she doesn’t smile as much as other actresses do. So what? (I originally typed “actors” but let’s be honest, no one expects male actors to smile on the RC all the time. Only females)

  • Bette

    That’s not the story she tells. She says she dropped out because her teachers failed her. She blames it on her teachers because she never accepts responsibility for her own actions.

    You ignore other actresses who worked just as much, went to a regular school and graduated at 17, not 19. She showed she doesn’t value education, if she did she would have applied herself and not blamed her teachers in the first place. Her brother also dropped out, and he sure didn’t have a busy acting career, did he? No, their parents just indulged them, that’s clear.

  • Bette

    So Esquire just decided to pick on her in 2009 for no reason? Ha! They pointed out her air of snarling entitlement after her lackluster appearance at the Oscars, where she couldn’t even introduce a clip like a professional. They had her number years before she showed everyone what she’s really like.

  • Janice

    If you haven’t seen Water for Elephant and Remember Me then you aren’t really qualified to say anything about him as an actor. He’s getting rave reviews for Cosmopolis. And he’s carried the Twilight franchise on his shoulders. He’s the reason for the box office, him and the original books.

  • Melanie

    It’s cracking me up that you’re trying to spin this like any part of your job watching films and film festivals has you knowing such intimate details about her personal life. Knowing about her and MA and the exact dates they broke up and when she started dating Rob and what country they were in at the time. Knowing when she switched to homeschooling and when she graduated high school and how. Knowing what she said in each interview and when. You either enjoy it, as you claim you don’t, or you’re just a bit on the scary side.

    Also, you intimated the film was cut JUST to cut her scenes in your original comment, which is what I was refuting. Not that the film was cut at all because yes, it was. I was just disagreeing with you that the film was cut for the sole purpose of making sure Kristen was in less of the movie due to her actions, which isn’t true. I’m sure those cuts had ~nothing to do with the fact that almost every critic from Cannes said the movie was entirely too long.

    I’m not going to defend her actions at Cannes. I happen to agree with you that she didn’t act the way she should have. She has a lot of growing up to do still and a big chip on her shoulder when it comes to her interactions with the media, photographers mostly. But, as I’m sure you noticed, she was on point at TIFF. Too little too late I’m sure with people who’ve already decided they hate her but can’t seem to stop talking about her anyway.

  • First of all, it was sparkly companion, not boyfriend so if you’re going to quote me then don’t misquote me. Secondly – I can’t believe I have to clarify this again – I called him her sparkly companion because he’s a sparkly vampire in Twilight and accompanies here, that is all. Not every word is a dig at something or someone and nor was it in any way, shape or form, a dig at Robert Pattinson, it was a dig at his character in Twilight if it was anything like that and it wasn’t even that. It is an unbiased view, I don’t dig into people’s personal lives and find an emotional attachment nor do I have a “side” in this “drama.”

    Sycophantic? Really? How so? If you read the article it’s just examples of her acting well in good films and that people should see them before judging her. Hardly sycophantic, more educating than anything else. You do realise that all I did was mention those three names? There’s not an insult for any of them because they are all talented and good actors. Robert Pattinson is apparently great in Cosmopolis but due to release restrictions, it didn’t come to my city so I didn’t get a chance to see it yet but I’m waiting on the DVD to arrive because I can’t judge what I haven’t seen. The reason I can’t judge Robert Pattinson’s acting ability yet is because I haven’t seen enough of his films as I’ve only seen Twilight and Harry Potter so far which would make me ignorant if I judged him. Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant actress and I like her films and I don’t think at all that she’s awful at all, I simply mentioned that people compared Kristen to her because of the whole rival franchise thing – which is something else I don’t understand, apparently you can’t be a fan of more than one thing. Emma Watson will probably do well although I haven’t seen her in anything other than Harry Potter so, again, I can’t judge her yet but I’m hoping she’s good in everything that she has coming out soon including The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You’re making it out as if it’s impossible to like more than one person and that I’m swearing some sort of undying oath to Kristen Stewart. I’ve said it before, I am only disagreeing with people saying she can’t act when they only judge her on Twilight and, apparently, her private life – which I didn’t even know people did, I didn’t think that affected a person’s ability nor did I even think about it when I wrote this article. I’ll see you in 10 years then, won’t I?

    I haven’t seen a single article defending Kristen Stewart which is why I wrote mine defending her ACTING ABILITY alone. I’m not defending her actions nor her personality, nothing like that AT ALL. It’s quite simple: this is about her acting and nothing more. Everyone seems to be adding an emotional weight behind it and it’s getting tedious seeing the same comment over and over. The “In Defence of…” is a regular feature here and one which I am going to do more of.

  • Ginger

    I’m not sure she’s earned anything, I think a lot of things have just been handed to her. People talk about actors being “generous,” which means they are there for the other actor in the scene with them. KStew isn’t that kind of actor. She wants to do her scenes first, and bitches about it when she can’t. Here’s an example of her selfishness, competitve attitude, and desire to have everything her way. KStew, talking about filming Breaking Dawn:

    “The first shot was his, which sucked because I thought I was going first. I had to go first! But I didn’t, it was dreadful, because I wanted to have that experience, and I knew it wasn’t the same if we did it twice. I didn’t want to have to go back and do everything again, everything I was going through.”

    So ungrateful, all the time, about everything. A perfect example of the entitlement Esquire pointed out.

  • Those memes wrongfully exist because people are blindly seeing something that isn’t there, they see it because of Twilight and their hatred of it and now apparently their hatred of her personal life too. I feel I’m just repeating myself over and over in the comment section now, it’s getting dull for me. Except no one spoke about her acting before Twilight so how could she have been a cliché before people even knew about her? What drove that YouTube video was her performance in Twilight because that’s how she acts in Twilight and I agree that she’s bad in it. All the blame can’t always fall on the actor though because they’re at the forefront and although she could’ve changed her performance she does actually stand up quite well as Bella but it’s just Stephanie Meyer’s awful writing and awful character that is the worst thing about Bella – although Kristen is annoying as Bella as well which I admit.

    Yes, you’re right, I haven’t because I haven’t read any and I haven’t seen it either that’s why I didn’t mention it in the article because I have no clue what she’s like in it. The only thing I know about her in that film was that Charlize Theron said she likes Kristen Stewart and thinks she’s a good actress and that was because I read an interview in Empire a couple of months ago when the issue came out. That is all I know about that film, that is it.

    Why write it now? I don’t actually know but I’m kind of regretting it because apparently the timing is too “convenient” for it not to be a PR stunt. Her PR team didn’t pay me off, it’s a bit conspirational to think so. Again, personal life coming into play and it wasn’t mentioned nor thought about when writing this article and that’s the truth but I think you’ve already made up your mind. The timing of this article came from seeing a few memes on my Facebook homepage from my friends and then a discussion with a housemate who also shared this view and their inability to change their mind when they’d only seen Twilight. There you go, there are my motives for the article right there.

  • OK, if I was writing an article defending Robert Pattinson – which may soon be the case – then I would’ve because, like I’ve said in the article and numerous times, she’s just awful in Twilight. Happy?

    No it isn’t and no it didn’t. It disrespected Twilight and not the actor, the character not the person. The reason I brought up the sparkling is because I hate Twilight and hate the description of sparkly vampires so again I’m insulting Stephanie Meyer and not him. Understand?

  • He is bad in Twilight, everyone is bad in Twilight, Twilight is just terrible and an affront to humanity. I don’t get care about the franchise so you quoting all this to me is irrelevant.

  • THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID. I haven’t seen enough of him, you’re right. Try reading my words more carefully because I don’t judge him because I haven’t seen him in enough things to give an educated opinion on him as I’ve only seen him in Twilight and Harry Potter but I don’t JUDGE HIM ON THOSE PERFORMANCES. That’s my point, you said I should do that and that is what I’m actually doing.

  • Leah

    Emma, calm the hell down, you act like this is life or death for you. This writer is a 20 year old guy who isn’t even getting paid by HeyUguys, let alone Kristen’s PR team. You talk about wanting objectivity, how about you take a step back, deep breaths, sing kumbaya and look at what you are accusing him of. You need to understand that a lot of people actually LIKE Kristen and her work, and just because the haters are usually the loudest and the most dedicating in denigrating her, sometimes positivity wins out! It’s ok, i’m sure there is some corner of the internet where all her haters gather and bash and trash her to their hearts content, why don’t you go there, you’ll be happier. The only obnoxious thing on this post is you adn your hater friends. Sad person! I’m off out to buy the SWATH dvd now, which is no.1 on amazon, itunes etc. Why don’t you go email the bejesus out of them demanding answers and accuse them of fixing the charts!!!

  • Leah

    Sorry you are angry that people actually like Kristen. But yes, keep accusing people like Jodie Foster of being paid off. OMG people are insane…

  • Leah

    Rob and his team weren’t smart enough to tell journalists to stick to personal questions. Obviously they had no problem answering such questions which makes me wonder… why? PR move for extra Cosmopolis exposure? Hmmm, maybe i should start think up some conspiracy theories seeing as you guys think it’s such fun! 🙂

  • I don’t ignore anything. I just don’t know anything about her situation. I don’t expect everybody to go to college and I don’t take the fact that they don’t as any sign of how much they value education. What she said is that she was being bullied. The girls there were mean to her. They criticised her for things like, not shaving her legs. Her parents allowed their child to have a career and be home-schooled. Oh, that’s so rare, even though it’s really not for anybody who starts a career at an early age. It’s such a self-righteous thing to sit around and criticize her parents’ choices. The fact that you think you know so much about her personal life and why things were done certain ways because you read a few articles is really creepy.

  • Leah

    Summit is so annoyed with her, they wouldn’t even let her attend the VMA’s. ‘

    LMFAO! The On The Road premiere was on the same night you weirdo! Why would she attend the VMA’s that 563737 of her other castmates were covering, and miss out on attending a prestigious film festival with a film she is clearly proud of and is getting great reviews for? Kristen was confirmed as attending about 3 weeks before TIFF.

    ‘Wives of directors and actors don’t want their husbands to work with her, and can you blame them?’

    uh, have you spoken to these people or is that just a ridiculous hater thing to say… yeah, no question mark because it wasn’t a question, everybody already knows he answer to THAT particular gem! I guess Kirsten Dunst didn’t mind Kristen hanging with her man! LULZ! You are dumb

  • Leah

    Who is calling her the next Meryl Streep? Not her fans. That was the respected actor James Wood – go take your hate to him you freak!

  • Yeah, they sure did have her number. About $2.2 billion at the box office. They know that printing an article about a nice girl doesn’t sell magazines. They know that people like you will memorize articles from when she was a nineteen-year-old kid, or younger, and whip them out to use against her, even though most people say and do things as teenagers that they would never as adults. You think she’s entitled. I think she’s earned her way. I’m not going to keep going back and forth with someone who obviously is obsessed with hating Kristen Stewart. This article is about her acting. If you don’t like her acting and you don’t like “her,” then why are you here?

  • Leah

    Wow, you would think you grew up in the Stewart household with all this intimate information you have about them… wow, she was a year late in getting her diploma.. what you are forgetting is that when she was 18 the whole Twilight thing took off, she was travelling the world promoting it, exhausted and trying to deal with her new fame. What exactly is your problem with her graduating at 19 instead of 18? Seriously? Did you attack Emma Watson when she dropped out of University for a year? No, didn’t think so! Kristen is not a spoiled brat, she is a hardworking young woman with 30 films under her belt. She has a great work ethic and is respected in the industry. If she wanted to go on to university she could do it any time, it’s her personal choice. Why are you so obsessed with her life? FYI Emma Watson and Dakota don’t fascinate the public nearly as much as Kristen does, it’s a lot easier for them to slip off to college. If Kristen went you would have paparazzi camped outside her uni, paying classmates for information and pictures on their phone. No doubt, Kristen knows this and could be part of the reason she is either delaying or passing on university. You have NO idea about her life or her parents, so stop being nasty, petulant, entitled and spoiled!

  • Leah

    Ha! As if Kristen ever needed Rob. It was hooking up with him that led to all the crazy hate from his fangirls. She must really have loved him to put up with it because no sane person would say that she enjoyed being hounded by paparazzi, have hate sites set up and be called a ‘bitch’ by his fans as she left venues. Rob said his GF was ‘back in LA’, he dived in to kiss her in front of hordes of paparazzi at the WFE premiere (hmm, publicity stunt for his film much?) and his friends have sold music based on R/K’s relationship. Ready, steady, GO – attack him!

    p.s – he isn’t single 😉

  • Rosa

    Hey, did you see them memes for Emma Watson? Because they exist for her too. It’s very easy to take a still of somebody looking miserable and pretend like that is there only expression. People also make fun of Emma for her weird eyebrow acting.

    Also, why do you insist that Kristen got HORRENDOUS Swath reviews? She didn’t, they were mixed, much like the film. Rob got mixed reviews for his performance in Cosmopolis too, some said he was great, others said he was wooden. Why don’t you rectify that situation?

  • Rosa

    Wrong, one of the actors who played a dwarf in SWATH said Kristen was on set before everyone and left after the other actors. He had a scene with her and she stayed for his close up when she was off camera and gave it everything even though she wasn’t going to be on camera. He said she was a very generous actor and that they are not all like that, especially big famous Hollywood actors. Why do you make this stuff up? If she is so ‘ungrateful’ why does every actor love working with her. Jodie and Sean Penn still rave about her years after working with her. You sound really foolish

  • Rosa

    lol, MTE Melanie!

  • Rosa

    Your derogatory post about Kristen told me all I needed to know about your “unbiased” view. RME

  • Rosa

    Who is Steward?

  • Rosa

    Why should anybody read you inane repetitive hate rants at Kristen? See how that works?

  • Rosa

    Valentine, please get some help. I worry for you

  • Rosa

    Bull, it shows how ridiculous you are if you think that Robert is responsible for Twilight’s success. People LOVE the story of Edward and Bella. Rob and Kristen’s chemistry swept people up and they are both responsible for the success and Taylor has his fans too. Stop being delusional.

  • Emma

    “FYI Emma Watson and Dakota don’t fascinate the public nearly as much as Kristen does,”

    They actually do fascinate the public. There have been countless discussion about them. The only reason Kristen gives the appearance of being more fascinating is because unlike those 2 actresses who went off to school and became educated and are intelligent, Kristen Stewart decided to cover 30 plus magazine where she purposefully said controversial things and constantly flipped the bird to get talked about. If Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning came on 30 magazine covers and kept on talking about how “real” and “special” they were I guarantee you they would have as much more press coverage. That’s how it works. You come on magazine covers, say things and it gets talked about in the media. It’s even better when you “accidentally” say things like “My English Boyfriend” and show pictures on your ipod that no one asked to see.

  • Ann

    Who gives a fuck about her private life, go and moon over Rob somewhere else or stick Liberty Ross pictures on your wall (lol). You are so obsessed with Kristen. She isn’t going anywhere. Deal with it

  • Ann

    She was great in SWATH, jeez i wish some people were banend from computer use. Definite candidates for mental hospitals here. I feel sorry for Rob and Kristen dealing with idiots like this :/

  • Ann

    Lynn Fancy, i personally can vouch for Kristen when it comes to being sweet to fans. I took my nieces to the London premiere of eclipse and Kristen was so great to us. She was being rushed all over the red carpet but you could tell she wanted to spend time with fans. She posed for about 1000 pictures and thanked people for coming. My cousin’s daughter sent fan mail to her and she received signed pictures back. I have never heard of Kristen being mean to fans, she even apologises to fans when security won’t allow her to stop and sign. You have to lie to paint her in a bad light. Just stop, you look like a psychotic moron

  • Ann

    LMAO, gabriele is pure entertainment. It’s like watching a car crash!

  • Ann

    she never said she didn’t like doing covers. She has had huge movies to promote, she is being professional and doing her job. She is highly sought after by magazines because she takes great pictures and sells well. Kristen has admitted she has a new interest in fashion. She is in the business for a reason,a nd she knows she has to take the good with the bad. You should understand that too, if you are intent on obsessing over Kristen then you are going to be very angry for the rest of your life because she isn’t going anywhere 🙂

  • Ann

    I am a fan of Twilight, i think it’s harmless entertainment, but whatever. Twilight is beyond critical assessment because it’s success proves it’s popularity.

    I have skimmed some of these comments and my eyes are bleeding. Why are some people so angry that people like Kristen? Do they not realise that they are wasting their time? She has a great future ahead of her. Will the haters still be polluting comment sections in 5 years or will they still be obsessed? Interesting to see!

  • Ann

    how did her PR team ‘botch’ anything? The media is applauding her TIFF appearance!

  • ann

    she is ‘dealing’ with it spectacularly. The media are loving her comeback. You see, the media likes to knock peopel down and build them back up again. Prepare for lots of positive Kristen articles. It’s how the business works 🙂

  • Brenda

    Parents, if your child receives their morals from KSlut or any other celebrity for that matter, you have failed as a parent.

  • Tiredly

    No, we really don’t. In fact, not even if you put a gun to my head.

  • gabriele

    Is my money not good enough for her to have a sorrow free life? If she had to work at Walmart she could do what ever she wants. But she is a Role Model for many young people and she knows it, or why did she sign autographs . She should be made responsible for her action. And she learn to be a better actress, Only because she had the chemistry with Robert made me overlooked her bland acting as Bella.

  • Tiredly

    TIFF was a heavily controlled environment. The media were handpicked and posted. The questions were scripted. The fans were screened. No one even remotely hostile was allowed anywhere near her. Only one hater got within shouting distance. One outing, as heavily managed as a high school play, does not a redemption make. She has a LONG way to go to even get back the level of respect from the public that she had BEFORE Twilight.

    Her PR Team has “botched” it because, while they seem to be rebuilding her image with the people who make the movies, they’re completely ignoring the people who spend money to see those movies. You can be the most skilled actress in the world, but if you can’t put butts in seats for your movies because people believe you’re a despicable person, no one is going to want to use you.

  • Tiredly

    Now there I have to draw the line. Before all this happened, she was doing good. She’s famous for scowling because that’s the way the media painted her. I’ve seen so many pictures of her with a glowing smile that it isn’t even worth arguing about. She only hauled out the “bitchface” when it was warranted.

    Yes, she did overdo the vulgarity, and it made her look coarse and common, but it also made her relatable. It’s something that I think she would have outgrown in time, and something that her handlers are probably doing something about now.

    Overall though, most of the flaws you listed are why people love her, because she brooked no challenge and took no prisoners…and the girl can ACT.

  • gabriele

    Steward was so confident, that she thought that Rob is her doormat and will take her back. She knew how much he adored her , an adoration found one in a thousand and she just trampled on it ,for some SEX, if she expected more from Rupert she should have broken up with Rob. I don’t get why she wants Pattinson back because there clearly is something missing. Her begging him to take her back says, look I just needed a fast affair because I’m a sl^t, how else do you explain behaviour like that. Don’t get me started on her values . Julia Roberts , Angelina, LiAnn Rimes ect ,they all went after married guys but they fell in LOve with them and started a new life . What was Steward’s Motivation.? There is the difference between seeking sexual favours and being in love, while still being in a Relationship and fooling your Partner. That is cold and selfish

  • Tiredly

    Sorry, that was in reply to a different post, in which someone who was ostensibly a supporter said that they hope the hate sent her back to the indy films, where she belongs. For some idiotic reason the board software attached it to your post rather than the one it was intended for.

  • gabriele

    What an intelligent reply, So it will not matter if many decide not to watch her Movies anymore because they feel that their money is spend better on someone else who they can admire. I personally don’t want to follow someone who is a Sl^^. And what does this obsessed comment mean, is this all you got, it makes no sense

  • gabriele

    Aren’t you some nasty person , putting me down like you are better than me. I’m not the one who is the best paid actress . I have Values and completely despise what she did. And I don’t see her Talent . She is at best mediocre, but because I’m not writing an Article like Ashley Norris who is a Volunteer and states her personal opinion , doesn’t mean I have to agree with her. I’m not an actor who has millions of fans, who I owe my success, nor do I make money through my fans. There should be some responsibility on Stewards side. And what the Heck, do you care what I think. I’m sure nobody appreciate a low blow like you give em out. Says a lot about you

  • gabriele

    Well, Ashley , I could easily write a counter Article . You stated your personal opinion. Are you a legit established Journalist or did you write for the many clicks you got to this page. I’m just interested

  • gabriele

    Here is the identity of the person writing this article. She is 20 years old . I accept her opinion and wish people who click on here and read the comments would understand that really nothing matters what anybody has to say, but it matters who you choose to follow, it depends on the Values and Morals you have.I’m 26 and feel sad that very young people lost respect and their ability to form their own opinion. The Talent of carrying a valid discussion is dying , replaced by personal attacks and unfair comments.Our society is messed and I’m convinced if I write a counter Article about the fact that I personally do not see Stewards Talent the way Ashley Norris sees it, it will get the same response. If you are in the public Eye like Steward you owe your Fans a decent behaviour, but thats just what I think. As my Mother said: honey I’m scared to death thinking that this is the Generation I have to rely on when I’m old
    “Ashley Norris”
    “I’m a twenty year-old cinephile, full-time procrastinator and Tyler Durden-wannabe. A tautological rambler. I love films, music, books and writing. There’s too little time to accomplish everything. Follow me on Twitter @ashleyrhys for more lucid and concentrated ramblings.”

  • gabriele

    Believe me even the best Parents have no control after your Teen enters Highschool, How many Teen Moms are there, how many young woman listen to a Steward before they listen to their Mother

  • Weird you copied my bio and have information about me and called me a she… Thanks…

  • Please stop saying I’m a girl…

  • If it’s that easy to just write then write a counter-article, go on. I’m an aspiring journalist so I’m learning to be one one day and I didn’t write this for attention. I can’t take you seriously anyway when you keep confusing my gender.

  • catherinedove

    Yeah, you really really DO! The self-involvement of you older Twihard ladies knows NO BOUNDS. In fact, it’s an AMAZING thing that you have accomplished and NOT anything to be PROUD of!! HOW can you NOT CARE?!

  • catherinedove

    The sick, self-involvement of you OLDER-and-should-KNOW-better Twihards is truly astonishing at times. HOW can you NOT CARE?!

  • catherinedove

    The sick, self-involvement of you OLDER-and-should-KNOW-better Twihards is truly astonishing at times. HOW can you NOT CARE?!

  • Jessica

    You can like her all you want, that still doesn’t make her a good
    actress. It just means you like her. A good actor is someone who can
    remove themselves from the character and personify them as greatly as
    possible. Kristen Stewart is the antithesis of what an actor is supposed
    to be.

  • Kelly

    She was still looking sullen at TIFF, even though they obviously forced her to try and smile. And it doesn’t matter how many articles there are about her “comeback,” she’s already soiled her reputation with the general public, there’s really no changing that fact.

    People who weren’t even aware of her now know her as the cheating homewrecker and they aren’t going to have a chance to see a lot of her new film work because she can’t get a job. There are too many other talented actresses with good reputations who will be getting the parts she might have been considered for.

    She admitted at TIFF she has nothing lined up. Which is just as well, she needs to get some therapy to figure out why she destroyed her life and career before she goes out and does it again. She doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes.

  • MaryLou

    What her fans try to ignore is that she’s never been good box office. None of her indies ever made a profit, not even the ones released after Twilight. Which means her fans don’t support her indies, they’re just fans of Twilight.

    Most of them won’t go see OTR, the world wide lack of box office has already demonstrated that. The fact that it’s being released on VOD the same day it opens in theaters shows that the distributor knows it won’t be selling tickets. If they had any faith in it, they wouldn’t make it available on VOD the same day. It will probably run in the US one week, just to be eligible for awards, which she won’t be nominated for anyway, especially now that her part has been cut way down. Her fans can keep spinning, but her future doesn’t look bright.

  • Tiredly

    That would be because I think you’re the obsessive nut in this play. No thank you.

  • Tiredly

    Again I have to disagree. She was having an okay career before Twilight, so she must have been doing something right, and before this mess she was set to have a better than average career, possibly even a dazzling career, post-Twilight. She still can, if her Team and Summit stop sitting around and waiting for this to calm down before they get pro-active. Newsflash. It isn’t calming down.

    One further remark. As a romantic and a fan of science fiction and fantasy on long standing, I have to tell ALL and sundry that Twilight, both the movies and the books, are nowhere near being the trash that ignorant people love to label them as. That’s elitist muggle BS.

  • Serena

    OMG, James Woods is a good actor, but he’snot the best judge of character. He was involved with Sean Young for years, and is well known for being slightly off kilter himself. Not a great reference, lol.

  • Tess

    Old history, and it is so over. He dumped her 2 months ago and never looked back. Her PR team can spread lies and rumors all they want, but you don’t see Rob showing up anywhere near her, do you? Tweets place him out in LA last night, having a good time without her. HE”S SINGLE and deserves so much better.

  • Bette


    misinformed. Emma didn’t drop out, she only has
    one semester left before she graduates, and she will graduate. And she managed
    to do lots of filmwork as well. She’s either just more talented or smarter than

    And KStew didn’t drop out because she was so busy on film sets, there
    were entire years when she didn’t do any work. Her brother dropped out, too and
    he sure wasn’t working in films. Their parents just indulged them and let them
    do whatever they wanted, and you see the result.

  • Charlie

    KStew wasn’t even invited to TIFF ,she just showed up. She wasn’t on any of the official press releases of stars invited to attend.

  • Lizzy

    Because it’s true that she got some of the worst reviews of her life for SWATH, and Pattnson is getting raves for Cosmoplois. It’s Fresh on RT, SWATH and OTR are Rotten, there’s nothing to rectify.

    Reviews: Kristen Stewart has one staple look on her face, glassy eyes
    and the partial mouth open must be her official signature. Another actress who
    has more inner life was needed.

    Every top critic review for
    this movie that mentioned something about Stewart’s performance.

    Unfortunately, Kristen Stewart, perhaps still
    experiencing a thespian hang-over from spending so much time appearing in
    Twilight movies, is flat. Her Snow White is the least interesting character,
    unless you count her potential love interest, William (Sam Claflin).

    And Kristen Stewart? I’m no particular fan, but I found
    her performance adequate—at least until she offers her tepid variation on the
    St. Crispin’s Day speech.

    Indeed, there’s a blankness to Stewart’s presence that
    can serve well films where she portrays young Americans working through their
    angst. But her transformation from martyr to messiah here is harder to believe
    than most stories that begin “once upon a time.”

    And Stewart’s characteristic hesitancy — so fitting for
    the “Twilight” franchise — undercuts her character’s impact. Though designed as
    a regal Joan of Arc, Snow too often comes across as an overwhelmed Bella Swan.

    the faintly bruised-looking Stewart brings her familiar disaffected and
    scowling persona to the character. While Stewart does crack a faint smile on
    occasion, her Snow could use a far more ethereal touch, especially when she’s
    interacting with the film’s special-effects version of nature.

    As Snow, Stewart gets to swing a sword, but don’t be fooled. She spends so much
    time waffling sullenly between two warrior-suitors that “Snow White”
    feels like little more than “Twilight” in chain mail.

    Stewart, meanwhile, keeps it low key, letting Snow White slowly emerge as a
    sort of goddess-leader. But she brings real power to a battle-rousing rant at
    the end and, let’s face it, she looks pretty cool in armor

    …it’s slowed by psychoanalysis and manic acting.
    Stewart, in particular, seems miscast. She is as sullen and morose as she was
    in the Twilight franchise, and we need more verve from a hero meant to embody
    the modern woman. But the script gives her little to do but sulk.

    Ms. Stewart’s skills haven’t caught up with her
    celebrity, so it’s almost painful to watch and listen as she struggles with an
    English accent and intones her dialogue lifelessly: Not just complex questions,
    like the one Snow White puts to the Huntsman—”Do you drink to drown your
    sorrows or your conscience?”—but simple lines, like her declaration to the
    dwarfs: “We mean you no harm.”

    But Stewart remains the glummest, grubbiest star out
    there, always looking like she needs two aspirin and a good shampoo in whatever
    film she makes. She’s fine as a put-upon captive, but as a holy virgin warrior
    meant to lead an army into battle? She’s more like Joan of Snark.

    Can Kristen Stewart act? Yes, she can. No, her range isn’t infinite. Certain behavioral
    and technical fallbacks — the quick-exhale-then-grin, for example — persist in
    fantasy roles as well as realistic ones.

    And that’s a real miscalculation, since Stewart is so
    much more convincing as a victim-
    hearththrob than she is when she’s required to
    put on armor and lead a revolution. By the end, she’s supposed to be playing
    Snow White as Joan of Arc meets Braveheart meets Katniss Everdeen, and she’s
    less than authentic on all fronts.

    Kristen Stewart is not an obvious choice for Snow
    White, given her habitual expression of discomfort while striking conventional
    feminine poses—both in movies and on red carpets. That’s why, of course, she’s
    right for this Snow White, imprisoned in a tower during puberty and with no
    regard for her looks.

  • catherinedove

    What you think and what you know are two different things. *I* think the majority of you out there are COWARDS who already know what you’ll find when you get to my blog – because so many of you have already argued for this saga during the FIRST time around when Stephenie messed with everyone’s obsessions, debunking so many people in 2008, already – OR you’re a movie fan who got into the argument afterwards.

    And NOW that people have basically been debunked in FAR more “real feeling” and DANGEROUS (for some) ways; and we can ALL PLAINLY SEE your INTENSE reactions as a RESULT of YOUR (sorry “Tiredly” NOT *my*) CRAZY Twilight addictions…

    SO FAR… you’re all acting like even STINKIER PIGS than you WERE BEFORE!! (I am NOT talking to you younger girls (and many of you older ones, too) if you’re in here because YOU SEE THIS STORY and THESE CHARACTERS DIFFERENTLY than the rest of SOME of these ridiculously obsessed Twihards do – BECAUSE they had the “REAL-make-believe kind” of Vampires in their HEADS before Stephenie defined HERS for us in Breaking Dawn!! THESE ladies have the characters of BOTH Edward/Robert AND Bella/Kristen built up into an overly-amplified Twilight PENTHOUSE FANTASY in their minds – on TOP of being just “plain ‘ol obsessed” like the MAJORITY of us Twilight Fans!
    I EXPLAIN these two different types of DEEP Twilight obsessions in detail on my blog, including how they developed and progressed. I’ve done MONTHS of research on this subject – among other things.

    The ONLY people this story IS actually beautiful FOR anymore… Are the people (MOST, but not all of them YOUNG GIRLS) who LOVE this story THE WAY Stephenie originally wrote it because IT IS beautiful THAT WAY!! But you girls who love Twilight JUST the way it is ARE ALWAYS the ONES who get BASHED in the HEART with this Hollywood BS because of these OTHER Vampire-SICK-obsessed Ladies!

    I won’t be responding in here again… EVERYTHING is on my blog, and I HARDLY expect (nor WANT, frankly) a bunch of COWARDS who are obviously having such a hard time dealing with REAL LIFE trying to read it.

    Stephenie Meyer has DULLED some of your BRAINS to the POINT that they can BARELY FUNCTION, anymore!

    Read it or keep your head buried in that sandy beach on Esme’s Isle: Search “explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot”

  • Janice

    why every single online poll puts the popularity
    of Pattinson at 70 percent vs. 30 percent for Lautner. That’s why the Team
    Edward merchandise sells out and the Team Jacob doesn’t. Bella is an
    afterthought, she’s just a placeholder for the women in the audience, and if
    you tell yourself anything else, then you just can’t face reality.

  • Tiredly

    You just made my point for me. Thank you.

  • catherinedove

    My point… That you’re an incredibly selfish, obsessed b*tch, YES!!

    Keep talking, ignorant C*UNT!

  • gabriele

    Well Ashley I’m a working Journalist ( politics and Sports, gossip is for fun and Entertainment )since 4 years , employed by one of the Top Newspaper in Europe. I’m writing in german and italian, my english is full of flaws but I’m trying. I know how the Industry works, so I’m surprised about the Title as much as the timing. Steward is being defended numerous times , never faced one question about her indiscretion, what is fine with me. Her acting ability deteriorated when she entered Twatlight and lots of my colleges agree. You can’t take me seriously , fine, but I hope for your sake that you will be successful, A little advise , never question anybody’ s ability . People do not know who you are , are you qualified to be taken seriously or are u just someone like us with a limited knowledge . Why did you write this article , I guess because Jodie Foster wrote one in Stewards defence or better in defence of the malicious way the Media works. Look Ashley, Its all good but it doesn’t make you an expert as much as it doesn’t make me an expert. By the way, I’m not confusing your gender , why would you write something like that. Sounds weird but I personally respect your opinion, good luck, chickie

  • gabriele

    so ” Ashley” is a Boy’s name, OK then , you are a 20 year old boy

  • gabriele

    Having another opinion has nothing to do with hate, where do you people get that from, I do not know anybody here on a personal base. This isn’t a situation you have to hate, I dislike Ms. Steward because she represented herself to the public as a complete different person but her recent action contradicted everything I thought she stood for, but ppplllease “Hate”.I hate eating fish with a passion , I hate when Obama bows before the chinese delegate , I hate when people are abusive, I hate that my Morning drive is an hour and I have to get up so early, but I do not hate an actress, she is just an actress no Mother Teresa or someone I couldn’t live without. In your opinion its important that you use goood grammar and English , may I point out that the Internet is a faceless communication place, a 40 year old guy can hook up with some Teenager pretending to be 16. DO NOT and I mean it DO not trust the Internet. You are able to put the most horrible lies on here . And I wish I would speak proper english , but if you like we can continue our discussion in german. I’m flawless , or how about Italian , I’m pretty good . Bitte lassen Sie mich wissen, was Ihnen angenehm ist. Mit freunlichem Gruss

  • gabriele

    I forgot, I never ever said that Ms Steward is disgusting, you are putting words in my mouth and I do not like that

  • Realness

    Jodie Foster is not paid off. Jodie Foster defends Mel Gibson, Roman Polanski and now Kristen Stewart. I think Kristen’s PR team would pay Jodie Foster NOT to speak on her behalf. She doesn’t have the best track record and her little letter was very self important.

  • Tiredly

    ROTFLMAO! Made my point again. Thanks.

  • Dean

    Unfortunately, Stewart made it everyone’s business when she cheated in broad daylight with a married father of two, who was also a film director, married to a model. They are all celebrities, and this is what happens when celebrities choose to trash their lives in public and issue public apologies for it.

    This whole thing was handled so badly, it’s not wonder KStew is getting so much attention for it. If there was a textbook on how to do everything wrong, KStew could write it. She didn’t ask for privacy when she made her apology, and her PR team since then has looked like it was run by kids in middle school who’ve never dealt with bad publicity before.

  • Kennedy

    You are so right, she’s not going anywhere. She had to crash TIFF, she wasn’t invited. Summit is so annoyed with her that they wouldn’t allow her to appear at the VMA’s, which of course was their original plan. BD2 is the culmination of Bella’s story, of course they would have wanted her to appear on a TV show that’s televised to their specific market, which is why they teased the trailer there in the first place.

    But she made herself into a joke and was even lampooned by the VMA hose. Summit didn’t want her to be there or she would have been there. She’s under contract with them to do the promo they tell her to, they’re a big studio. OTR is a tiny indie that isn’t even getting a wide release, and might not play in the US for more than a week. She didn’t skip the VMA’s to go to TIFF, she wasn’t even supposed to be at TIFF. She’s going nowhere, fast. Can’t get another film role, not even a Lifetime movie

  • Fellini

    Pattinson plays Edward, and when you refer to a sparkly vampire, we all know who you mean–it was a cheap shot. This article isn’t about Bella, is it? You’ve admitted that you hate Twilight and it’s obvious by your dig about “Edward.” Why didn’t you mock Bella? She’s far lamer than Edward and she’s going to sparkle in BD2 as well.

    And you can certainly be the fan of more than one actress in different franchises. I adore Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansen. They can all act, are charming, smart and likable. Too bad Stewart has none of those attributes. Clearly, if you didn’t know how divisive she is, you know now. And good reviews are no guarantee that someone can really act. Everyone disagrees with critics in one review or the other, both the raves and the pans.

  • Lizzy

    Her team didn’t think the producer of Lie Down in Darkness would come out and publicly state that they didn’t offer her the role. They thought they would just let it slide, since the film isn’t even in pre-production.

    It was a calculated risk, and they took it. And for about 24 hours, it worked. Her fan based got all pumped up and some are still insisting she’s attached to the role, even after the producer denied it. But that doesn’t matter to her fanatics. They don’t deal with reality very well anyway. The fact that the leak made her look like an even bigger loser is why her PR team is epic fail.

  • Ginger

    Those quotes from KStew aren’t made up, she said them. You can just see her twisting her face into a grimace and stamping her foot: “I thought I was going first. I HAD TO GO FIRST! But I didn’t, it was
    dreadful, because I WANTED TO HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE, and I knew it wasn’t
    the same if we did it twice. I DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO GO BACK AND DO EVERYTHING AGAIN, everything I was going through.”

    If that doesn’t sound like a selfish, spoiled brat, I don’t know what does. It’s all about her, all about what she wants, in what order she wants it to happen. If she was so generous on the set of SWATH, do you think she’s just a spoiled brat around Rob? That she knows she can take advantage of him and doesn’t have to bother to behave like a professional?

  • Lizzy

    Of course Charlize said good things about KStew while she was promoting a film they’re both in. But what’s much more significant to me is that Charlize hasn’t said a word of support since the cheating scandal broke. None of her co-stars have, not even the ones from a franchise that she’s worked on 5 films with them in.

    And when it’s well known that she’s employed a full time PR Team for the past 5 years who have pulled all sorts of media shenanigans, it’s not hard to believe conspiracy theories, they’ve been proven to be true before. She’s thrown tantrums on sets before, and to keep the press from picking up on it, her team throws someone else to the wolves as a distraction.

  • WennaCloud

    Hi Ashley, Someone posted on an EOnline thread about Kristen that they should post here in defense of Kristen.That may be the reason that you are being deluged with comments both pro and con. The haters write scenarios to explain Kristen’s actions and state them as facts. I can’t find my earlier comment but I got an email stating that Walter Salles hated Kristen and cut the film to reduce her part. Actually Salles kissed Kristen at Cannes right after the film ended and the audience was applauding because Kristen seemed overwhelmed by the experience. I assume the cut was to make the film more marketable as one of the biggest complaints was that it was repititive and the audience grew tiresome of watching others engage in sex, drugs, etc. Kristen seemed to be all over the internet after Cannes and made a good appearance there imo but you wouldn’t know that from the far-fetched email I received.

  • WennaCloud

    Kristen was described as a vital force in Into the Wild by a Wall Street Journal critic who didn’t like her in her Snow White role. Just saying because the hater who replied to my earlier comment said that Kristen’s role was too small to matter in Into the Wild. Tell that to Judy Densch who got an Oscar for a few minutes of work in Shakepeare in Love. Also the hater said that Kristen’s role wasn’t memorable. Well, she won many roles because of that role.

  • catherinedove

    I’m done talking to you, Tiredly… YOU are the ONLY Twib*tch I have responded to on these comment articles for THIS reason – you’re a pigheaded, sickly-obsessed PERFECT EXAMPLE of “the kind” of Twilight Fan my blog is specifically MEANT FOR. Everyone who is reading it – and there ARE MANY – IS seeing your ignorance displayed in ALL it’s GLORY!

    You think you’re so damn smart… Like I’ve said, your BRAIN has been DULLED by Stephenie Meyer’s negligently-published, overly-addictive literary masterpiece.

    You can SAY whatever you WANT to… But we can ALL SEE you PLAINLY in your obsession as WELL as our own. MOST of us ARE obsessed to some degree, and YOU are NO EXCEPTION, chickie!

    Now GO AWAY… I assure you, SINCE you are the ONLY ONE I’m engaging with like this, you WILL NOT get the last word in.


    Because I’M RIGHT and I CAN KEEP making you look like a fool for as LONG as you’re willing to play this silly little GAME with me!! 😉

  • mcsooner

    Kristen is talented, but I include Twilight. She’s played Bella perfectly. Critic types and those who are perfect seem to be the ones who can’t see the talent. Critics are just people with one more opinion but no more intelligence. And the group who thinks they do no wrong – just hypocrits.

  • gabriele

    does the same count for Harry Potter or Hunger Games

  • Boy is derogatory as well if I’m honest. Love how you can do all this supposed “research” and not know my gender when my picture is right there.

  • I find it hard to believe you are when you can’t even spell Kristen Stewart’s name correctly, randomly capitalise words which don’t need capitalising and half talk in text speech as well. Either way, if you were or are a professional journalist, then it doesn’t make your opinion more valuable than mine and it’s very arrogant of you to think something like that. I can’t take you seriously because you kept calling me by the wrong gender; referring to me as a she when I’m actually a he, so thanks for that. Either way, just stop with the petty argument as you’re not convincing anyone and if you’re that bothered by my article then go ahead and write a counter-article and link it here. I know people don’t know who I am but I find that completely irrelevant anyway. You are very offensive in the way you patronise and belittle me and everyone else’s opinion in this comment section. I’ve already explained my reasons for writing this damn article so try reading and absorbing.

    Chickie? I would still find that offensive if I was female.

  • catherinedove

    Oh my goodness Heaven’s NO – why would it, Ha! I’ve never read Harry Potter or read the books, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. And the Hunger Games seems like a wonderful series – I’ve only read the first book. NO – somehow, only Twilight’s publishers managed to screw it up this bad, ha! I DON’T EVEN BLAME Stephenie Meyer herself for her addictive writing – but her professional publishers knew better. THEY caused all of this.

  • caseymitch

    This was impressive, and should make those nah sayers think twice. I have loved her movies and will always be a supporter of hers! Thank you for your passion.

  • gabriele

    I guess you didn’t get that I’m not english and that I said I respect your opinion. I also told you it doesn’t matter , not what you say nor what I say. You are a 20 year old admirer of Stewart ( happy now) I’m 26 year old woman , you doubt what I had to say, fair enough but it tells me you still need to learn a lot. I pointed out that I try the best in communicating in english but that went straight over your head, didn’t it. But here again , it doesn’t matter. I agree that Stewart had some good movies, too bad she lost her marbles and ruined her reputation. I wish you luck in your Profession, Freelance is a good start

  • Dealing with another hater

    You must be a Potter fan to be going off on Twilight in the way you are. The Twilight franchise is successful…point blank period. You don’t like it because the fans are way more passionate than any other fan base in the world. The Twilight hate you wrote about is disgraceful. Twilight is a love story. You may just see sparkly vampires but take the vampire out of it and it’s a love story. If you cannot appreciate that, then you suck.