Human-IgnitionDue to hit cinemas sometime next year, Human Ignition promises to be a fascinating look at the future of F1.

Presented by burn and the Lotus F1 team, the film is a feature-length look at how the sport could evolve in the next twenty years, and the first trailer below offers a fascinating tease for racing fans.

Human Ignition is a feature length film investigating the future of F1® and showcasing insight from great minds who share a passion for motorsport — from drivers through to designers. This theatrical trailer for the ambitious project has been released ahead of the premiere of Human Ignition in 2014, which explores how advancement in technology and design could affect the sport.

The film features comments from some of the leading minds in the industry, as well as an appearance in the footage below from Harald Belker, whose work as a vehicle designer includes the Batmobile and the TRON light-cycle.

“Let’s make the racetrack intelligent grass, that moves and flows in response to vehicles.”

Ideas like these, wanting to harness and create cutting-edge technology to develop the sport, will always be met with polarising responses, but it’s fascinating just to know that this kind of research is being done. Will the face of F1 be different in twenty years’ time? Time will of course be the only way to tell. But it certainly has the potential to evolve, that much is for sure.

Human Ignition is expected to premiere at the beginning of the next Grand Prix season in 2014, which kicks off in Australia on March 16th.

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