With Monsters vs. Aliens and the Madagascar penguins already riding the airwaves, and Shrek scheduled for a televisual reprise, it is no surprise that Dreamworks has announced via Deadline plans to bring another of their properties to TV.

How to Train Your Dragon, a sequel for which was this week confirmed, will also continue on television as an animated series on Cartoon Network.

Expected to launch on both sides of the Atlantic in 2012, approximately one year before the sequel will reach cinemas, there is currently no information regarding the series’ plot. With the movies drawing from Cressida Cowell’s nine-book set as well as humouring the film-makers own dramatic deviations, the series will likely follow suit.

How to Train Your Dragon, easily my favourite film of the year so far, earned an impressive $500 million worldwide, garnering uniformly excellent reviews in the process. While this was enough to secure the extended voice-casts’ return for cinema audiences’ second trip to Berk, it is not yet known who will reprise their roles for the series, if anyone.

With the bar set so high, however, it remains to be seen whether the quality can be sustained over another movie, let alone a weekly TV series. That said, with such series as The Emperor’s New School doing little to detract from their superior source material, the opportunity to spend some more time in Berk is not to be sniffed at.