The story told by director Jerry Rothwell in How to Change the World is a complex and fascinating one. Diving deep into the comprehensive archives of Greenpeace uncovered a turbulent history of modern activism; how this disparate group evolved and rolled with the social changes buffeting by the intriguing early dynamic of the group.

This film is more than just a history of the Rainbow Warriors. It is a testament to the power of the image, and how that power can be unwieldy even in the hands of those with good intentions.

Rothwell’s film has played extremely well on the festival circuit, our own Andrew Latimer gave the film a glowing review when it played at the Sheffield Doc/Fest earlier in the year.

We have an exclusive look at a clip from the film which highlights a pivotal moment in the early days of Greenpeace with an atomic test on an Alaskan island providing the catalyst for the group. The footage in the film, most of it drawn from the contemporary footage and news items, is astonishing. Not least for the terrifying powers at play, but at how the lines were drawn before the fledgling group of activists decided to step over.

Here’s the clip, with screening details and booking info below.

Live premiere with satellite Q&A broadcast to cinemas on 9 September, in cinemas from 11 September.

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