Challenge accepted! It’s eight years since the much-loved How I Met Your Mother drew to a close – although diehard fans can still binge all nine seasons on Disney+ – and now it gets a spinoff. Arriving on the same channel from 11 May is How I Met Your Father.

If the title owes something to the original, then so does the premise for the new show. This time, however, it’s Sophie (Hilary Duff) telling her son the story of how she met his father. And while her narration is in the near future, the events take place in 2021, where Sophie and her group of friends are in the middle of trying to work out who they are, what they want from life and how they can find love in a world of dating apps and what seems like limitless options.

We spoke to cast members Francia Rasa, Tom Ainsley and Suraj Sharma and asked the question that was on everybody’s mind. Who do they think is the father of the title?

It’s clear from the show’s pilot that audiences meet him right from the start, but there are plenty of candidates to choose from. Nonetheless, all three actors mentioned the same name – Drew, played by Josh Peck, who appears in episode three as Sophie’s new love interest. Tom Ainsley (Charlie) added that, while the show was being made, they didn’t think about it too much and Francia Rasa, who plays his girlfriend Valentina, felt they were all too focused on their own characters. But, along with Suraj Sharma (Sid), they’re all banking on Drew.

But are they right?

The show also stars Christopher Lowell, Tien Tran and Kim Cattrall, with guest appearances from Kyle MacLachlan and Cobie Smulders.

How I Met Your Father streams on Disney + from 11 May.