After taking a handful of independent film festival awards with his debut film, Wherever You Are, writer-director Rob Margolies returns with She Wants Me, a romantic dramedy that stars Josh Gad in the lead, supported by Hilary Duff, Charlie Sheen, Kristen Ruhlin, Aaron Yoo, and the highly entertaining Wayne Knight (3rd Rock from the Sun).

The film has just been picked up by GoDigital, a leading US VoD and home entertainment distributor, who will be releasing the film straight to cable and digital outlets later this year.

THR have released a new trailer for the film, in which,

“Gad plays Sam, a budding screenwriter who writes a film in which he asks his gorgeous girlfriend Sammy (Kristin Ruhlin) to star. That plan hits a bump in the road with the development that superstar actress Kim Powers (Hilary Duff) has read and loves the script and wants the part. It’s an ironic twist that puts Sam in a tough position, which is not at all helped by Sammy’s ex-husband crashing on their couch.”

She Wants Me will be released in the US (on cable and VoD) on 18th September, and I’d imagine that this will probably be one we’ll have to import from the States here in the UK, but time will tell. For now, here’s the new trailer for your viewing pleasure.