Apple TV+ has shared the trailer for the new kids and family live-action animated hybrid series ‘Lovely Little Farm’ from Darrall Macqueen.

The story follows sisters Jill and Jacky as they love and nurture all the animals on their farm nestled in lavender fields. Being a young farmer isn’t easy, but every day brings these sisters adventure and a chance to grow. The live-action animated hybrid uses the latest computer-generated technology, working with Industrial Light and Magic, to bring the series to life.

Created by BAFTA Award winners Maddy Darrall (“Teletubbies,” “Topsy & Tim,” “Waffle the Wonder Dog”) and Billy Macqueen (“Teletubbies,” “Topsy & Tim,” “Waffle the Wonder Dog”) along with Catherine Williams (“Teletubbies,” “Topsy & Tim,” “Waffle the Wonder Dog”). Newcomer Levi Howden stars as ‘Jill’ with Kassidi Roberts joining as ‘Jacky,’ and the series also features the voice talents of BAFTA Award nominee Shirley Henderson (“Harry Potter” franchise, “Stan & Ollie”) as Quackety Duck Duck, Dominique Moore (“Thomas & Friends”) as Pickle Pony, SAG Award nominee Joel Fry (“Cruella,” “Paddington 2”) as Al Alpaca and Canan Yildiz-Husbands as Bif & Bop.

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The series premieres on Friday, June 10.