It’s not an easy watch, that’s for sure. But when we sat down with actors Jason Isaacs and Nazanin Boniardi, as well as director Anthony Maras, we wanted to uncover exactly why Hotel Mumbai remains an important one. Described as confronting and overwhelming, this tale – which depicts the devastating terrorist attack on the Taj hotel in Mumbai – certainly has a lot to say, as, it turns out, do those involved.

Isaacs and Boniadi discuss the intensity of the film and its striking pertinence. They also tell us why they believe those with knowledge – and a platform – should speak out politically, and we make Isaacs, renowned for being one of the nicest men in the business, blush terribly, when Boniadi explains why she has recently referred to the actor as being one of the very best alive.

Meanwhile Maras tells us what it was about this story that made him want to tell it, in what is his directorial debut, and the challenges in balancing real life with cinema. He also explains how they got hold of real intercepted calls from the terrorists, and finally comments briefly on what he has lined up…

Watch the full interviews below:

HOTEL MUMBAI is a Sky Original Film, in cinemas and on Sky Cinema from 27th September.