Altogether, now… HUZZAH! The Great is back on our screens this week for a third season of raunchy comedy and political machinations, all set in the lavish court of Russian empress, Catherine The Great.

After season two’s cliffhanger ending, Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter (Nicholas Hoult) are trying to make their marriage work. The fact that Peter’s now First Husband to her reign doesn’t help, despite his efforts to keep himself busy by looking after their young son and getting involved in culinary ventures.

Among the returning faces from the first two seasons are Adam Godley, as “Archie”, the conflicted leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, and Charity Wakefield as Georgina, who is simultaneously Peter’s mistress and Catherine’s close confidante. They both told us about playing two of the biggest schemers in the show and Charity described how filming in a glamorous deep bath isn’t perhaps as luxurious as it looks. Adam talked about working on the last series of Succession, just after he finished six months working on The Great, and also how he’s mistaken for other actors.

The Great Season Three Interviews

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