class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-157054″ title=”Brad Pitt” src=”×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”192″ height=”150″ />This evening, Ben and Colin were the lucky two from HeyUGuys chosen to go along to a very special screening of a movie called Killing Them Softly. The reason they were so lucky is that the star of the film (some bloke called Brad Pitt) was there to introduce the movie to the fans who’s acquired tickets to be there.

We get to find out what his role as Producer entails on a movie like Killing Them Softly as well as what it is he likes about ‘gangster films’. Finally we get to find out about the re-shoots he’s been doing for World War Z. He talks about why they’re doing the re-shoots and about how they can make improvements to the movie going forward. He describes the movie as a ‘monster of a movie’ which we’re very much looking forward to seeing.

Ben managed to get some information out of him about his upcoming project, World War Z, much of which was shot here in the UK. The interview is below for your viewing pleasure.

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