Yesterday was a fun day as I got to spend a lot of it going through the rather epic and also rather weighty new Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Box Set. It boasts a whopping 31 discs and is full to the brim with Harry Potter goodness. I roped my friend Alex Cottier into the study of the new box-set and filmed the entire experience for you to see just what it is that makes this limited edition so special.

We take a look in every drawer and in every nook and cranny to make sure that nothing is missed when it comes to the new box-set. Our limited Potter knowledge did however let us down a few times so please forgive us if we make mistakes on what it is that we find and make sure you let us know what the items are that we didn’t know.

Ultimately, we discuss if we think this ‘Definitive Edition’ is worth the £177 price tag that it comes with. To find out, click play below.

The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Box Set is released this Monday 10th September and you can pre-order / order your copy here.

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