marqueeAfter reading through the comments lefts on the Must See post, I got to thinking about all those movies that I consider “guilty pleasures”. These are the movies that if I’m caught watching I explain it away by saying “oh there was nothing on” or “I just turned on the TV and this was the channel it was on” or “I was just getting ready to turn it”. No way would I admit to ACTUALLY watching said movie. Well, I’m going to come clean and admit to it and list out a few of my guilty pleasures.

Everybody’s definition of the GP movie is different. Some could define it as movies that are just mindless action or vulgar comedy (both of which I’m a sucker for). Others could define it as movies that are just plain bad. I think I fall into the latter category. I know this because I have a tendency to seek out movies that I know are going to be bad, and I go see them anyway. Sometimes I walk out of the theater happy, sometimes, not so much. I have one particular friend that I would always go see these movies with. We’d see the trailers, look at each other and say “Oh my God, that movie looks awful! Let’s go see it tomorrow!” And we would.

As I said in my other post, my love for films really manifested in the “˜80’s which was riddled with GP’s but the “˜90’s had a good lot to pick from as well. The list is just too long to go into extreme detail but to name a few in no particular order, they include:
Streets of Fire (So bad it was good. I will give it points for the music though.)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (I should just slap myself for this one, but it holds certain nostalgia. I saw it recently and it was painful to watch, but I sat there and watched it anyway.)

The Cutting Edge (Good at the time, painful now.)

Commando (What can I say, I have a soft spot for Arnold!)

Under Siege (I have no excuse for this one)

Deep Blue Sea (This one my roomie lovingly refers to as Jaws2K. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!)

Starship Troopers (“Kill “˜em! Kill “˜em all!” In all honesty I say that I hated this movie, but I can’t help but watch at least part of it when it’s on.)

Road House (This movie is a train wreck”¦you just can’t look away”¦from Patrick Swayze’s hair.)

Speed (“There’s a bomb on the bus” Keanu at his best.)

The comfort that a GP gives can almost be tangible. Like a warm blanket or a bear hug. You may carry a small level of shame while watching it but when it’s over you feel happy and content, like you just had a great visit with an old friend. That’s why I say we should embrace our guilty pleasures and celebrate them.

I know that the minute I post this, the dam of titles will break and all of the movies I know I should have mentioned, but didn’t, will come flooding back, so please excuse my short list.

What are your guilty pleasure movies? Tell me all about them and perhaps we can reminisce together!

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