Karl Pilkington, the ‘global idiot’ whose bizarre musings feature on The Ricky Gervais Show as well as Gervais’ podcasts, is being sent around the world for the viewing pleasure of Sky customers.

Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s latest project (after the welcomingly solid Cemetery Junction), An Idiot Abroad, will have Pilkington visit the seven wonders of the world in what promises to be a wacky slice of entertainment. According to Sky 1:

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are outraged that Karl has written off the Seven Wonders claiming they’re all “a bit ****” having never seen any of them with his own eyes. They’ve thrown down the gauntlet to send him around the globe to force him out of his comfort zone. Stephen wants the experience to broaden Karl’s mind and change his outlook on the world. Ricky wants Karl to hate every minute of it for his own amusement.

Dispatched on what many would term a journey of a lifetime, the ‘little Englander’ will be putting his misgivings to one side as Karl finds out for himself what the fuss in about. He will travel to all the wonders of the world meanwhile Gervais and Merchant will be keeping a watchful eye from London, monitoring every step of Pilkington’s journey. The conclusion of the series will see the weary traveler returning home to report on his findings.

Karl commented: “I can’t wait to get started. Not ‘cos I’m excited but ‘cos the sooner we start the sooner it will be over. The fact the nurse gave me an injection that protects me from dirty chimps put a dampener on the whole thing. I don’t think Ross Kemp has to have that injection.”

Described as hating anything foreign, everything different, Pilkington’s misadventures will air in the UK this September. Until then, you can feast your eyes on the trailer below.