This week, to celebrate the release of season two of After Life on Netlfix, we had the pleasure of sitting down with co-stars Tony Way and Jo Hartley about the show’s return and how Ricky Gervais still maintains his unique abilities in delivering both comedy and drama in the show.

Returning for a second season, After Life 2 sees Tony (Gervais) still heartbroken from the death of his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) but is trying to “zen” his life and be better to those around him who he has taken a lot of his anger and heartbreak out on in the first season. Co-stars Jo and Tony, who play Lenny and June in the show, tell us how excited they were for the sophomore season of the show, the development of both their own characters and those around then and how Gervais was still able to make the set full of laughter, even during the somber and sadder moments.

You can watch the full interview below:

Also, check out our video review of the show below:

After Life 2 starts on Netflix on Friday, April 24th.