The UK’s leading horror film festival FrightFest is making its grand return at the back-end of this summer. And the fact that the fest is returning to its original Leicester Square home isn’t the only reason to get excited for August. The initial line-up that went live this weekend boasts a ridiculous amount of both world and European premieres, as well as some serious horror heavy-hitters too.

Starting things out on opening night, Thursday 24th August, is the world premiere of the latest in the Chucky saga Cult of Chucky, followed swiftly by the European premiere of Adam Wingard’s Netflix-backed Death Note remake. So not only will festival-goers get the chance to see the new Americanised take before it hits the streaming service direct, they’ll get to see it exclusively on the big screen too.

Death NoteAs the weekend goes on, there’ll also be premieres of everything from the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel/prequel/reboot Leatherface, to the first English screening of Sundance Ozploitation favourite Killing Ground, as well as a bunch of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

With the fest returning to the old Empire (now Cineworld) Leicester Square, it’ll also be commandeering the nearby Prince Charles Cinema for its two ‘discovery screens’, showcasing some of the brightest and boldest debuts around. In the past, the discovery screens have hosted everything from The Love Witch and the BAFTA winning Under the Shadow, to Corin Hardy’s The Hallow, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the exciting new voices they unearth.

In the meantime, the full schedule, as well as all the gory details on festival and day passes (which are on sale now) and single tickets, can be found over here –