To celebrate the release of Free Guy, which opens in cinemas this week, we sat down with some of its stellar cast and its producer/director to find out what all the buzz is about.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a bank teller in Free City who discovers he is a background character in an open-world video game that will soon be shut down forever to make way for the sequel game. Along the way, he meets Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) who sends his heart soaring and decides to try to woo her before the game collapses – but there’s more than meets the eye with the game and the world, with its creator Antoine (Taika Waititi) desperate to keep Guy from wrecking his financial dreams as computer whizz Keys (Joe Keery) watches on.

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Comer and Keery – who play Millie and Keys in the real world – talk about how surprised they were with the script and where the story went, the relationship between their characters, the video-game world, costumes and the important lessons to be learned from the film. In addition, director Shawn Levy talked to us about how the script and story changed when he and Reynolds signed on, the film’s ingenious marketing strategy and conjuring three trailers due to release date delays that kept some of the film a secret, as well as confirming he does indeed have a cameo in the film.

You can watch the full interviews below:

Free Guy opens in UK cinemas on August 13th.