You may remember a few weeks ago, I got to go on an epic trip to Shanghai in China for the HP Global Influencer Summit 2012. While we were there, we got to attend many keynotes and see some of the brand new products that HP have coming out over the course of the coming year. The highlight for me however was the presentation given by Jacob Rosenberg from Bandito Brothers who you may know recently brought out the new movie Act of Valour (or Act of Valor if you’re American).

During the presentation, Jacob introduced us to a couple of his latest projects, one being the brand new Hot Wheels movie which according to IMDb is called Hot Wheels: Fearless at the 500 but at the end of the trailer it was called Hot Wheels For Real. As you’ll see when you click play on the video below, it’s rather epic! It honestly will blow your mind when you watch it as it has guys creating tricks that you did with your little toy cars when you were a kid.

The second video features clips from ‘Waiting for Lightning’ which had its world premiere at SXSW this year. The video is brilliant because it not only shows clips from the movie but also gives an insight into how the HP kit is used in the field. You’ll see from the footage in both videos below that Jacob and his team really push this kit to the limit and how resilient it is and I thought it would make for a great piece on the site.

So, without further ado, I give you the trailer for Hot Wheels and Clips and a Featurette for Waiting for Lightning. Thanks to HP for providing the clips.

Hot Wheels For Real

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Waiting for Lightning

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