Be they Kryptonians with a kiss curl, stranded Prawns or homeless robots demolishing American cities it’s not a great time to be an alien in Hollywood.

While we’re not exactly short of Alien sci-fi epics, studios are increasingly keen to stock their shelves with CG heavy movies dealing with visitors from another world. Michael Bay is no stranger to the genre, and Paramount have pocketed the man and handed him a pair of Producer trousers to take charge on a spec script by Bobby Glickert, who has directed two short films which you can see at the foot of this post.

Glickert will also direct the film under Bay’s wing, and the script is described in the trades (two of who are claiming the exclusive so I’m not going to link to either of them, you’ll know where to look) as Cloverfield meets Paranormal Activity which is as good as saying Cloverfield meets Cloverfield, or Paranormal… well you get the idea.

There’s bound to be a slew of casting and other news as this one develops, but with Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle Los Angeles, Gareth Edwards’ Monsters and Skyline all making waves recently this one may have to rely on more than just it’s handheld camera and/or found footage hook  to make a splash.

Here’s the short film Road to Moloch,

And his other short, The Descendents, if the video below doesn’t appear (it’s being temperamental) click here to see it.