The moment is finally upon us – the long awaited Kick-Ass has had its European premiere this evening and HeyUGuys were there to cheer this one on.

The stars of the film turned out in the pouring rain to meet the fans – Chloe Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Aaron Johnson were greeted with cheers from a very enthusiastic crowd, as was a HeyUGuys favourite, Mark Strong, and Jane Goldman walked the carpet with a very proud Jonathan Ross behind her.

There was a real sense of occasion and those of us that have seen the film know that this is one hype fuelled monster which won’t disappoint.

Our pictures are below, so we hope you enjoy them. Rumours of an appearance by Brad Pitt, who is a producer on the film, were rife among the crowds and while he did turn up he stayed close to the fans and away from the press, which is fair enough and the crowds went crazy when he arrived (we’re wondering if he’s talking to Guy Ritchie about Sherlock Holmes 2?).

We’ve done a lot of Kick-Ass coverage over the last few months, podcasts, posters and trailers, and they’ll be more to come. We spoke exclusively to screenwriter Jane Goldman and that interview will be up on the site shortly, as will our exclusive red carpet interviews where we talk to the cast and crew of Kick-Ass – these interviews should be up later tonight so keep checking back.