It’s podcast time again, and this week we dedicate our entire episode to one of our favourite films of this year so far – the epic Kick-Ass.

Dave and I are joined once again by /Film’s Brendon Connelly as we dissect Matthew Vaughn’s colourful vision of ultraviolence which hits UK cinemas next week. We chat through the wave of expectation for this film, our thoughts on the cast and mull over the firestorm of criticism which will inevitably meet this film head on.

As a special bonus we also introduce a new section to Mouth Off, one in which the three of us choose a film we love but which may have passed the rest of the world by. You can find our discussion at the end of the episode and enjoy the trailers for our picks below.

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I hope you enjoy it, do let us know what you want to hear, or if you agree or disagree with us – leave your comments here, or email us on


Jon’s choice: Murder By Death

Dave’s choice: Moving
NB: I couldn’t find a trailer for this one so I’ve added the best clip I could find, there’s a swear in there so ears closed if you’re scared of words.

Brendon’s choice: Blood Car