Last week HeyUGuys were invited to a round table interview with James Purefoy, star of Rome, Ironclad and Solomon Kane.

During the course of the interview Purefoy went into a great deal of detail about Solomon Kane, talking about how the story came about, the difficulties of filming in Eastern Europe during the winter, and some of the unfortunate accidents that happened on set, when overworked actors are asked to go hell for leather with big , shiny swords.

He also discussed Ironclad, John Carter of Mars and who would win in a fight between Kane and Conan.

The interview is embedded in full* below. As well as myself and Purefoy, the other voices you will hear are David from Geek Syndicate, and Rob from Orange Film. There may be the occasional piece of strong language, but nothing shocking.

Solomon Kane is released on Friday. You can read our review here.

[gplayer href=”″] HeyUGuys meets James Purefoy: [/gplayer]

*The recording has had a very slight (unskilled) edit, to remove a couple of awkward pauses. None of the content or context of the interview has been removed.