You have to go back a while to when these interviews were conducted – at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival – but only now does Dominic Savage’s The Escape get its theatrical release; a compelling and profound drama that thrives in its naturalistic approach. We sat down with the two leading roles in Gemma Arterton and Dominic Cooper to discuss the project

Arterton tells us why it’s a tough film to watch back, and details the improvised nature of the production. She also discusses the freedom Savage gave his actors, and the comfortability she had with Cooper, which allowed for them both to flourish. She also speaks about the themes, of intangible unhappiness, and why her character confronts the issue of a destructive relationship head-on. She also tells us of her research for the role, and her continuing move into producing.

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Meanwhile Cooper explains what attracted him to the project, and the challenges of shooting the movie while also appearing on stage at the same time. He speaks about his own character’s unhappiness, and why he connects so easily to films steeped in realism. He also speaks about the improvisation, working with Arterton, and what it was that appealed to him abut signing on to Mamma Mia 2.

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Tara is a housewife in suburban London who’s raising two young children while married to an overworked, self-absorbed husband. In desperate need of a change, Tara makes the bold decision to leave everything behind and buy a one-way ticket to Paris. Her newfound freedom and journey of self-discovery soon gives way to the realisation that walking out on your life isn’t so simple.

The Escape is out in cinemas now. Read our review of the film here.