It seems that each and every weekend the folks over at Netflix have another big hitter for its merry band of streamers. The headlines are taken up with the surprise acquisitions for Netflix, such as Extinction, the incredible Annihilation as well as Andy Serkis’ new film Mowgli, but the streaming service are developing a habit for delivering some very solid movies which appear as if by magic. One of these films has arrived today, Like Father is directed by Lauren Miller Rogen and stars Kelsey Grammer, Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen and we were on the red carpet in Hollywood yesterday evening for the premiere.

The wonderful DaniElle DeLaite was on hand to talk with the stars as they walked the carpet, and you can see the interviews below. We spoke to Kelsey Grammer, Kristen Bell, Lauren Miller Rogen, Zach Applman, Mary Looram, Blaire Brooks, Paul W. Downs and producers Amanda Bowers, Anders Bard.

Like Father is available to stream on Netflix right now.


After she’s left at the altar, a workaholic advertising executive ends up on her Caribbean honeymoon cruise with her estranged father.