We recently had the chance to catch up with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder to talk all things DC Films Universe, and they’ve dropped some very interesting details about what’s on the way.

As well as addressing their decision to skip a solo Batman movie in order to make him a villain of sorts in Dawn of Justice, they comment on Deadpool’s success, bringing in a variety of filmmakers to adapt these properties, and making sure they please fans along the way.

Zack Snyder explains in detail why The Dark Knight kills in Batman v Superman

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Roven refuses to reveal who Jesse Eisenberg was asked to audition for before being cast as Lex Luthor. Confirming it was just a cameo, could it be that they wanted him to play The Riddler? Zack Snyder did recently reveal that that villain was cut from the movie, and there have been comparisons between him and Lex!

They also touch on Lex showing up in Suicide Squad, confirm that Justice League will be two separate movies rather than one overarching story, and provide an update on Man of Steel 2.