Ari, Turtle, Drama, Vincent, and Eric are all back in the first trailer for the Entourage movie! The HBO series followed the exploits of A-List movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his friends as they made the move from their home of Queens in New York City to the bright lights of the unfamiliar turf of Los Angeles.

Entourage never really received rave reviews, and ultimately became the butt of many jokes despite the initial fascination which came as a result of an inside look at the celebrity culture in a place like Hollywood.

The series does however have a dedicated fanbase, and that perhaps explains why a movie is now on the way! Directed by the creator and head writer of the Entourage TV series Doug Ellin, this will apparently pick up where the series left off as you can see from the first look at the big screen continuation below.

As well as all of the returning cast members, there are some notable new additions like Billy Bob Thornton.

Is a movie really necessary or wanted? It’s hard to imagine it appealing to anyone other than dedicated fans of the series, but you’ll be able to decide if you’re among them when it’s released on June 5th, 2015!