Emilia Clarke and Oscar-nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor have been cast of sci-fi rom-com ‘The Pod Generation.’

The movie is to be set in the future where Artificial Intelligence is highly on-trend and will follow Rachel, played by Clarke and Ejiofor’s Alvy, a New York couple who are ready to take their relationship to the next level and start a family. In a twist befitting the 21st century, the tech company Rachel works for gives the couple the opportunity to share pregnancy via detachable artificial wombs, or pods.

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French-American Madame Bovery director Sophie Barthes will direct the feature, to date only a small number of female directors have tackled the Science Fiction genre. Fionnuala Jamison, MD of MK2 Films stated “science fiction hasn’t yet been tackled by many female directors and represents fertile ground for creativity. We were utterly captivated by Sophie Barthes’ thrilling script and unique vision.”

“Working with Emilia and Chiwetel as a couple on screen is a dream come true,” said Barthes. “Emilia’s versatility, her disarming sense of humour and capacity to navigate complex emotions are a perfect match to Chiwetel’s charisma and extraordinary screen presence.”

The project will mark Barthes’ third feature following ‘Cold Souls’ and ‘Madame Bovary,’ which played at Sundance, Toronto, Deauville and Telluride.

Filming is set to get underway in March 2022.