Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu PosterThe trailer for Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu has just been released and dear god is it glossy. Of course when you have the effervescent Kareena Kapoor being the main Box Office draw, there are always a few lumix units added to the screen and getting support from Imran Khan (who seems to be doing a PhD on playing the straight man in Bollywood this year) the movie looks like a very paint by number romantic comedy of errors set in Vegas.

Releasing in time for Valentine’s Day allegations are flying and being denied from Dharma production that this might be an remake of What Happens in Vegas? Although head honcho Karan Johar has remade a few movies in the past, he usually does this “officially” so there might be some commonality between two very different characters marrying after a drunken night in Vegas but its probably not a copy.

In any case, it has a great cast (although in the trailer they lack a certain spark), the production values seem very high, the director is fresh and Amit Trivedi, one of the best music directors currently working int he industry today, has composed the soundtrack so we’ll probably get at least a few hummable tunes coming out of the theaters.

Dharma movies usually connect well with NRI audience so this will probably play well in the UK.

But Seriously people?? a 4.5/10!?????